Thursday, September 26, 2013

All-RE24 Teams

Joe Posnanski, wrote about RE24 three weeks ago:
"The statistic is called RE24 because, as you might know, there are 24 different possibilities when a batter comes up in any given inning. There are eight “states.” They are:

Bases empty.

Man on first.

Man on second.

Man on third.

Man on first and second.

Man on first and third.

Man on second and third.

Bases loaded.

So that’s eight states. You get 24 total possibilities because of the outs -- all of these states are possible with zero outs, with one out or with two outs. That makes 24 different possibilities in any inning."

The larger point is that while no statistic is perfect, the point of view that some provide is one that we, as fans, should try to keep in perspective.

The Run Expectancy of each base out situation are calculated and recalculated based on the result of each play. This link shows the up-to-date Run Expectancy for each base out situation this season. In 2013, run expectancy ranges from .092 runs with two outs and the bases empty, to 2.23 expected runs with the bases loaded and nobody out.

Even casual fans can enjoy looking at leaderboards to see who have been the better and best players this season. At times, it's useful to look at team stats by position to see how platoons and backups perform, as so few teams pencil in the same lineup 150+ times per year.

Without further ado, below are AL and NL selections for each position, based on team RE24 stats. The highest scoring player on that team for each position is in parentheses. After each team, we jotted down a few notes highlighting irregularities.

National League All RE24 Team by Team Stats
C: Braves 20.14 (Brian McCann 14.12)
1b: Braves 59.28 (Freddie Freeman 59.28)
2b: Cardinals 46.50 (Matt Carpenter 50.44)
SS: Nationals 13.24 (Ian Desmond 12.88)
3b: Mets 21.31 (David Wright 24.90)
OF: Cardinals 102.59 (Allen Craig 44.13)

The Catcher position in the National League was way out of whack. The highest RE24 in the league belonged to Jason Castro of the Astros (23.96), but the Astros as a team scored just a 7.61 RE24. Yadier Molina and Buster Posey are also ahead of Brian McCann in RE24, but the positive performances of Evan Gattis and Gerald Laird have the Braves on top.

Goldie is having a year
Stephen Dunn / Getty
Paul Goldschmidt has a slightly higher RE24 than Freddie Freeman.

The Shortstop positions stands out, too. The Dodgers' Hanley Ramirez 36.57 RE24 is almost three times as high as Ian Desmond's 12.88. Troy Tulowitzki also out RE24'd Desmond. The Rockies could really look to acquire a better backup shortstop. So far this season, the Rockies have just a 4.05 RE24 from the Shortstop position: 15.11 from Tulo and -11.07 from Jonathan Herrera.

Choo is ready to get paid.
Harry How / Getty Images
Ryan Zimmerman has a higher RE24, but the Mets ranked higher, mainly because Josh Satin was so much better than Chad Tracy.

Shin-Soo Choo has the highest RE24 among NL outfielders (47.68).

American League All RE24 Team by Team Stats
C: Indians 36.77 (Carlos Santana 34.83)
1b: Orioles 62.31 (Chris Davis 65.47)
2b: Yankees 45.67 (Robinson Cano 45.91)
SS: Red Sox 3.45 (Xander Bogaerts 2.72)
3b: Tigers 63.74 (Miguel Cabrera 76.22)
OF: Angels 60.56 (Mike Trout 71.61)

How's this for a testament to the lack of quality Shortstop play in the American League? Xander Bogaerts has played in just 15 games this season but ranks 5th among AL shortstops in RE24.

Xander Bogaerts is making himself comfortable in the AL
Jim Rogash / Getty Images

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