Wednesday, April 24, 2013

MLB Ballplayers on Vine

A couple of weeks before getting traded from Oakland to Houston, Travis Blackley set off his first Vine.

It was a simple film, six stages of his iced coffee.

In other clips, Blackley shares candid moments with his A's teammates, which can be seen on the Vine app. For those without an iPhone, unfortunately, we can only share one of Blackley's Vines:

Josh Reddick has unprotected a few of his six-second stories. In the first one, he boasts of a friend's game with the ladies:

Reddick's personality comes out better here (do not attempt):

In Reddick's latest embeddable Vine, we have a Blackley sighting:

The entertainment value of ballplayers' Vines will be erratic, at best, but we're all for more access and candidness. The audio and video of Vine is breaking down walls, like Talkies did in Old Hollywood.

What other ballplayers are on Vine? Please share your favorites in the comments section.

For those with an iPhone, Vine is available here:

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