Monday, March 25, 2013

The Tantalizing Style and Tools of Jairo Beras

The Texas Rangers' toolsie teen prospect, Jairo Beras, is suspended until July 1st but still allowed to play in unofficial, minor league Spring Training games.

By the looks of his @jairoberas twitter profile pic, Beras is taking care to look nice during suspension.

Tonight's gonna be a good night!

There are no Jairo Beras stats to look at. He doesn't even have a baseball-reference page. We have scouting reports, like this good one from In it, we learn "A hulking, powerful outfielder [snip] has projectable plus power from the right side of the plate, good overall athleticism, a strong throwing arm and good speed for a man of his size."

To appreciate the potential brilliance of Jairo Beras, we must revert to physical methods of scouting with our eyes and ears. Below are a couple of videos that give us a look at Jairo Beras's game with contrary results.

Here he is about a week ago...

Here's what Beras looks like when he gets it all together.

That last one is a good one to listen to.

The Juan Gonzalez comps are going to stick as long as he's showing power in the Rangers system. All comparisons aside, we expect great things from Jairo Beras.

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