Monday, March 25, 2013

The Tantalizing Style and Tools of Jairo Beras

The Texas Rangers' toolsie teen prospect, Jairo Beras, is suspended until July 1st but still allowed to play in unofficial, minor league Spring Training games.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Small Sample Size Much?

How 'bout this insignificant sample size?
The day before, we got a "Looks like he's locked in."
We don't mean to criticize. @Royals_Report is one of the best in the business. Besides that, part of the fun is getting caught up in the moment. Sometimes it's no fun to wait for all the data to come in. A "jump to conclusions" mat is a fun idea because we want to jump to conclusions. We love when what we see with our eyes leads us to that moment, when it feels like whom we are rooting for can't miss a pitch, a shot, an open receiver, or a putt.

The Spring 2013 Small Sample Size Extravaganza has begun. Please share blatant SSS examples, in our comment section, or on social media. We could start a Small Sample Size tumblr, which is obviously an untapped social media landscape.