Monday, January 21, 2013

The Under-.300 OBP / Over-.500 SLG Club

Recent Scott Hairston rumors have him deciding between the Braves, Phillies, Cubs, or either New York team any day now. I took a quick glimpse at his stats and thought "The under-.300 OBP and over-.500 SLG Scott Hairston posted last year's gotta be kinda rare." As you will see, this whole discussion/monlogue gets out of hand in a hurry. Although there's plenty of incoherent babbling below, I can savor the satisfaction of knowing that my man's intuition was right this time.

How rare is the under-.300 OBP/over-.500 SLG achievement?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tim Raines: Underrated for Over 30 Years

It's no secret that Tim Raines was underrated during his playing days. During his time on the Hall of Fame ballot, his case for induction has gained steam, similarly to Bert Blyleven's mostly blog-fueled campaign a few years back.

Unfortunately for Tim Raines and his fans, Rock's timing appears less than ideal. The ballot is overcrowded and looks to get more-so as soon as next year, with the additions of Greg Maddux, Frank Thomas, Tom Glavine, and more. Adding to the logistical problems with the ballot's ten vote max, BBWAA voters may be too consumed with decisions about PED whispers, the character clause, as well as testimony from everyone short of Lance Armstrong and Manti Te'o.

Friday, January 11, 2013

"Let Cano Spread His Wings and Fly" -- Huh?

Robinson Cano's impending contract extension or free agency, has been a recurring theme in the minds of Yankees fans over the past year, or so. A rising number of Yankees fans are growing tired of Cano's salary demands, with thoughts akin to: if he doesn't want to be a Yankee at all costs, let him go. It's unclear why an audible amount of Yankees fans can't appreciate having one of the best 2nd basemen of all time, entering his 30's.

It's wise to be wary of your favorite team overpaying for a player's past-prime years, but it's another thing to criticize one of your team's homegrown stars, citing poor defense, his style of play, or other nitpicked flaws.

Where will Robinson Cano play in 2014? Mystery team?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 Hall of Fame "Ballot", Part II

Most baseball fans above the age of 10 have been waiting a long time for this year's Hall of Fame ballot. Later today, the Baseball Writers Association of America will release their yearly Hall of Fame voting results.