Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ichiro's Next Stage

The day Ichiro Suzuki gets inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, will be a bright day for Baseball History. Ichiro has been a classy gentleman and ambassador for the game of baseball to millions of people around the globe. His meticulous and exuberant play put a spell on fans who were awed by his precision, athleticism, speed, and laser throwing arm. In Ichiro's heyday, his otherworldly combination of skills brought fans to the edge of their seats the moment he stepped on the field.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

What's Up with Mike Scott?

Surely, there are others who woke up this Thanksgiving morning and started looking at pitching stats from 1982. I'm starting a pitching project from 1982-present, and thought I'd share some early morning musings.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Aramis and the Composition of Cano

Over the past few weeks, a bunch of stuff has been on my mind, and occasionally I'll try to document it somewhere, so that I won't forget it. Sometimes, it's a solitary tweet, like my shout out to Aramis Ramirez on Sunday morning.

Instead of testing the patience of our twitter followers, let's jot a few more ideas down here...

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Robinson Cano Dilemma

A debate among New York Yankees fans has been heating up over the past few days: the debate to trade Robinson Canó, or extend his contract, to a nine-figure deal, keeping him in the Bronx for the next several years.

Friday, November 2, 2012

2010 - 2012 All Defensive Teams

Last time around, we looked at the 2012 All Defensive Teams when ranking players by various defensive statistics, such as Fielding Percentage, Defensive Runs Save, Ultimate Zone Rating, and more.

Sadly and insatiably, much more.

This time, for brevity's sake, we're only using DRS and UZR.

Defensive stats should be reviewed with a larger sample size than just one year, hence the following:

2010-2012 All Defensive Teams
Min 1,500 innings

2010-2012 Ultimate Zone Rating
1b: Adrian Gonzalez 29.9
Sabathia should dump something cold
on Gardner for being mentioned here.
2b: Dustin Pedroia 32.7
3b: Adrian Beltre 33.7
SS: Brendan Ryan 33.8
LF: Brett Gardner 51.5
CF: Peter Bourjos 40
RF: Jason Heyward 35.7

Both UZR and DRS love them some Brett Gardner, the only player to sweep the four categories in this post.

2010-2012 UZR/150
1b: Daric Barton 12.7
2b: Dustin Pedroia 14
3b: Adrian Beltre 14.6
SS: Clint Barmes 13.6
LF: Brett Gardner 35.9
CF: Peter Bourjos 23.9
RF: Ben Zobrist 20.9

Excellent Safeco fan reactions!
Peter Bourjos has consistently been a terrific defensive player for the Angels. Over the past three seasons, Bourjos has saved 13, 12, and 9 runs above the average Centerfielder. If he can imprive his offensive production, even getting to 2011 levels of suerficial production with a .271 batting average, 12 home runs, and 22 stolen bases, he could win a few Gold Gloves. What's odd is taht in 2012, he swung at fewer pitches outside of the strike zone, made more contact, but still couldn't improve his strikeout percentage. Peter Bourjos will be 26 years old on Opening Day. So, this is his time to shine.

2010-2012 Defensive Runs Saved
C: Yadier Molina 32
1b: Mark Teixeira/Albert Pujols 26
2b: Mark Ellis 35
3b: Adrian Beltre 45
SS: Brendan Ryan 67
LF: Brett Gardner 50
CF: Michael Bourn 51
RF: Jason Heyward 50
P: Mark Buehrle/Jake Westbrook 31

A.P. Photo
The brilliance of Brendan Ryan really shines with his 67 Defensive Runs Saved over the past three seasons.

By comparison, the nearest Shortstop is Alexei Ramírez with 41.

Pitchers and Catchers finally make an appearance. No surprises with Molina, Buehrle, or Westbrook, but there's a big surprise at catcher when DRS is converted to a rate stat, below.

2010-2012 DRS/1,200 innings
C: Humberto Quintero 13.1
Recognition like this surely
makes it all worthwhile
1b: Daric Barton 13
2b: Ben Zobrist 15.7
3b: Evan Longoria 18
SS: Brendan Ryan 23.9
LF: Brett Gardner 27.9
CF: Peter Bourjos 18.4
RF: Josh Reddick 21.4
P: Jake Westbrook 66.4

Josh Reddick had a really good season. He saved 22 runs above average in right field this year. The A's really benefited from having him in RF, with Coco Crisp in CF, the two of them covering a lot of ground.

An outfield of Gardner, Bourjos and Reddick sounds good

How about that Ben Zobrist? UZR/150 has him as the best Right Fielder, and DRS/1,200 innings recognizes his work at second.

Despite this bobble, Ben Zobrist is an
exceptional defender at multiple positions
It's surely bittersweet for some Astros fans who love Humberto Quintero, to see him succeed in Kansas City. The jury is still out on the trade to KC, because Kevin Chapman or D'Andre Toney could turn out to be really good. Quintero was on the Astros in 2010 and 2011, so his recognition here is mostly for his work on the Astros. In such, he pulls off an upset over Yadier Molina, worthy of Rulon Gardner over Alexander Karelin comparisons.

Where were you when Gardner beat Karelin?