Friday, October 5, 2012

Postseason Brackets

Sitting in my office, minding my own business, and messing around with 2012 Park Factors, my colleague asks me for help filling out his MLB playoff brackets for a pool he's in.

Not many people do baseball brackets, and with the new Wild Card round, I don't even know them by heart.

Quickly talking through it, here were our picks:

NL WC: Braves over Cardinals
Betting on the better bullpen here.

AL WC: Rangers over Orioles Tough pick, really could go either way, but I think the Rangers are the bet team.

NL DS: Reds over Giants
Here's the perfect example why, as Peter Gammons tweeted this morning "Predictions are silly." If you ask me in an hour, the Giants might be my pick to win the World Series.

NL DS: Braves over Nationals
Another coin toss, but who do the Nationals think they are, going into the postseason with their best pitcher healthy and on the shelf? (Also going with the better bullpen.)

AL DS: Tigers over A's
It took a while for the baseball machine of Motown to get going this year, but the talent is there for a long postseason run.

AL DS: Yankees over Rangers
This is a pure "gambling" pick. I believe the Rangers are a better team, but with their roughly 50% chance of getting knocked out tonight, combined with the Yankees chances of defeating Texas or Baltimore, it's a safer pick.

NLCS: Reds over Braves

ALCS: Tigers over Yankees

2012 World Series
Tigers over Reds

Imagine the glamour of a Detroit-Cincinnati World Series.

Miguel Cabrera on night he won Triple Crown
- photo by Fink

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