Monday, October 8, 2012

Hunter Pence and the RBI

Entering the 2012 campaign, Hunter Pence had been around a 3 to 5 Wins Above Replacement guy, throughout his five year career.

This season, Hunter Pence combined career lows in Batting Average, On Base and Slugging Percentage, Stolen Bases, Contact Percentage, and Defensive Runs Saved, with career highs in Strikeouts, Strikeout Percentage and Errors, resulting in 1.8 WAR on Fangraphs and 0.8 WAR on Baseball-Reference.

We're not picking on Pence. Fangraphs values his 2012 season at 8.3 million dollars. Pence has just not performed up to his career norms, except in one of the Triple Crown Categories:

Hunter Pence accumulated a career high 104 Runs Batted In.

Dividing Hunter Pence's RBI per season by the average of his seasonal WAR from B-R and Fangraphs....

Hunter Pence RBI/WAR
2007: 19
2008: 30
2009: 19
2010: 30
2011: 19
2012: 80

It simply comes down to opportunities. Pence had more plate appearances with runners in scoring position this year than ever: 231. (44 more than his prior career high from last season.)

This whole R'sBI thing has been going on for too long.

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