Monday, September 3, 2012

Defensive Runs Saved per 9, since 2010

This post could simply be an excuse to expand on a tweet like: "Maicer Izturis has cost the Angels more than .53 Runs per 9 innings at Shortstop this season. #DRS"

Simplicity is one reason we like Defensive Runs Saved.

The good people at Baseball Info Solutions combine film study, vectors, and historical data to determine the rate at which specific balls in play are converted into outs. Then, if a player makes a defensive play that 4 out of 5 (80%) of fielders would make, he gets +.20 DRS. If he fails to make the same play, it costs him -.80 DRS. If he makes a play that only 1 in 10 (10%) of fielders would make, he gets +.90 DRS, and loses -.10 DRS if he does not.

A more insightful description of DRS is here.

From Opening Day 2010 through today, here are lineups of the best and worst DRS/9:

Highest DRS/9 2010 - 2012
C: Humberto Quintero .10
Brett Lawrie's 2012 defensive stats
have benefited from his roll in shifts
1b: Daric Barton .10
2b: Sean Rodriguez .18
SS: Brendan Ryan .17
3b: Brett Lawrie .23
LF: Brett Gardner .21
CF: Peter Bourjos .14
RF: Josh Reddick .14
P: Jake Westbrook .50

Lowest DRS/9 2010 - 2012
C: Ramon Hernandez -.10
1b: Garrett Jones -.10
2b: Rickie Weeks -.13
SS: Hanley Ramirez -.14
3b: Mark Reynolds -.13
LF: Logan Morrison -.16
CF: Matt Kemp -.15
RF: Michael Cuddyer -.14
P: Freddy Garcia -.32

Minimum 1,000 innings (200 for pitchers)

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