Friday, May 25, 2012

Best and Worst, with Stats

It started this morning. Checking out a few things on leaderboards, I noticed that Jamie Moyer, a personal favorite, had an unsightly 1.75 WHIP. Yet, his BB/9 was a better than average 3.14. Naturally, his H/9 was going to be bad. How bad? The worst among ERA qualifiers: 12.6 H/9 ip. Checking to see what score lead the category in this young season, I saw Gio Gonzalez leads the league with a 5.3 H/9.

I'm taking this opportunity to look for other Best and Worst from certain stats that will hopefully raise an eyebrow or two. I'm not just going to say so-and-so has the highest whatever and so-and-so has the lowest. Let's look for something surprising, or as Neal Page would say, mildly amusing.

Without further ado, we present our first ever Best and Worst:

All stats through May 24, 2012 and exclude non-qualifiers...

K%: Carlos Lee 5.2% and Pedro Alvarez 35.9%

RBI: Josh Hamilton 49 and Marco Scutaro 4

BB/K: Jose Reyes 1.71 and Clint Barmes .05

O-swing%: Jed Lowrie 16.7% and Clint Barmes 48.6%

Contact %: Marco Scutaro 94.6% and Adam Dunn 65.3%

WPA: Joey Votto 3.24 and Nick Hundley -1.85

OPS: Josh Hamilton (Rangers center fielder) 1.187 and Marlon Byrd (former Rangers center fielder) .477

wOBA: Josh Hamilton .490* and Marlon Byrd .200

*Yes, Josh Hamilton's wOBA is higher than Marlon Byrd's OPS.

Clint Barmes swings at 49% of balls outside the strikezone and has 7 RBI

K/BB: Matt Cain 6.20 and Ubaldo Jimenez 0.79

HR/9: Jamie Garcia .15 and Phil Hughes 2.09

IFFB%: Justin Verlander 20.8% and Charlie Morton 0.0%*

*Charlie Morton really needs to induce a pop up.

wFB/C: Jered Weaver 1.95 and Jamie Moyer -4.25

F-Strike%: Jordan Zimmermann 69.9% and Yovani Gallardo 49.1%

SwStr%: Cole Hamels 13.0% and Henderson Alvarez 4.0%

xFIP: Zack Greinke 2.36 and Ubaldo Jimenez 5.76

WPA: Justin Verlander 2.09 and Tim Lincecum -2.07

We didn't mean to pile onto Marlon Byrd and Ubaldo Jimenez. They've earned their place. How about Tim Lincecum having the worst WPA of all qualified starting pitchers? Make some bar bets with that one, and you should be able to drink free all night.

Tim Lincecum must turn it up a notch to improve his Win Probability Added

All stats courtesy of Fangraphs.

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