Monday, April 30, 2012

N.Y. Mets Clowning Out West

Fans of the New York Metropolitans haven't had much to celebrate in recent seasons. Their last winning record was 89-73 in 2008, after Jerry Manuel took over for Willie Randolph midseason. Compared to the doom and gloom many predicted for the Mets, the start of this young season has been a pleasant surprise for fans from Flushing.

The Mets are three games over .500, trailing the Braves by 1, the Nationals by 2, and currently setting the pace for the 2nd NL Wild Card. They've won 5 of their last 6, after sweeping the Marlins at home and taking 2 of 3 in Colorado.

As they prepared to leave Colorado for a series in Houston, R.A. Dickey and his teammates got into the spirit of the Old West, and shared photos on Twitter.

In what looks to be the visitors clubhouse of Coors Field, R.A. is clowning around with catcher Mike Nickeas.

Dickey: "My first capture. The outlaw mike Nickeas."

Even better is the smile on Johan Santana's face in this photo:

Dickey: "The outlaw johanicus wales"

Enjoy this time, Mets fans! Before you know it, you could be hoping for nothing more than a aspiring prospects in return for trading bullpen arms to contenders.

Update: for more photos of Mets dressed as Cowboys, including Ike Davis, Josh Thole, and Lucas Duda, check out this post by Eric Simon of Amazin' Avenue.

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