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Freddy Garcia could use an attitude adjustment, as he does not at all appear to be pleased that his team is trying to get better by bringing back one of the franchise's living legends.

Andy Pettitte isn't making the Opening Day roster. If Pettitte is good enough in his Minor League appearances, come April or May, he will take the place of the Yankees' least effective starter.

The natural instinct that's causing Freddy Garcia to be territorial and defensive about his role with the club has a strong stench of immaturity, and it's steering him wrong. Maybe he just doesn't like being on the Yankees and wants to get traded.

When asked if he thought signing Andy Pettitte was good for the team, Freddy Garcia said, “I don’t know. Ask the people. I guess.”
- From: Dan Martin, NY Post 18 March, 2012

Something tells me Freddy wants a one-way ticket out of the Bronx.
(AP Photo/Frank Franklin II) 

The Padres suffered a tough blow this weekend, as their new Left Fielder, Carlos Quentin, faces surgery and will be out four to six weeks. Jesus Guzman has been learning to pay outfield and figures to step in and play well. Chris Denorfia and Kyle Blanks are trying to make an impact with the Padres when opportunity knocks.

Speaking of Kyle Blanks, this is harmless and out of context, but Bud Black should have chosen better words: “Batting average isn't the only thing we look at. We look at quality at-bats.”
- From: John Maffei, North County Times 14 March, 2012

We've always been bullish on Kyle Blanks, but the feeling is beginning to change. It's easy to say he could use a change of scenery, move to a better park for power hitters, and have a daily spot in the lineup. It's tough to go out and get him, though, because the Padres are starving for power hitters. If Kyle Blanks can hit, he will play in San Diego. It's same as any profession. Kyle Blanks, like Freddy Garcia and everyone else, needs to perform.

Kyle Blanks needs playing time and the Padres need power.
(US PRESSWIRE Photo/Christopher Hanewinckel)

We heard a couple of good Texas-based Baseball Whispers in this weekend's edition by Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune. Namely, Carlos Lee is more than 20 lbs overweight "The Astros hoped he would report at 250 pounds but instead he was 274." - and - The Texas Rangers could be interested in answering their question mark in Centerfield by reacquiring Marlon Byrd in a trade with the Cubs. "The Rangers aren't happy with their internal options in center — the young Cuban Leonys Martin is not ready — and are trying to move reliever Koji Uehara, who would could provide innings in an uncertain Cubs' bullpen." Koji Uehara would probably just be a trading chip for the Cubs to flip, but his no-trade clause protects him if he chooses to avoid that scenario. Still, trading Marlon Byrd for anything useful would be a big win for the rebuilding Cubs.

Let's send Marlon Byrd back to Arlington. Free Marlon Byrd!
(Photo by Keith Allison)

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