Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jesus Montero in the Tools of Ignorance

Yahoo posted this AP picture on their site from yesterday:

Mariners fans, and Jesus Montero fantasy owners,
hope he protects his bare hand on defense.

There was no corresponding story on yahoo, but at least we see Jesus Montero hasn't completely given up catching.

How can this guy not stick, at least for a few years, at the catcher position? Jesus Montero won't turn 23-years old until November. He is listed at 6'4" 225 pounds. He looks every bit a World Class hitter. Yet, we are to understand that he cannot catch as well as guys like Jorge Posada or Mike Napoli?

On the other hand, when taking everything into consideration, it starts to make sense that Montero can't do it all. He may not be able to communicate with pitchers, frame pitches, understand how to call a game, throw, block balls in the dirt, protect the plate, or catch the ball as well as is required.

h/t: Jairo of Rosin Bags and Pine Tar

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