Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Best Hitters Against Pitch Type

An occasional glance at a few numbers on Fangraphs can quickly freshen up your bar stool baseball talk tremendously. Case in point, let's look at the best hitters against certain pitch types.

For a larger sample size, we will look at numbers over the past two seasons, 2010 and 2011.

Batters vs Fastballs (wFB)
Joey Votto, 78.5
Paul Konerko, 74.1
Jose Bautista, 65.0
Ryan Braun, 59.9
Adrian Gonzalez, 53.9

Batters vs Cut Fastballs (wCT)
Hunter Pence, 12.5
Carlos Gonzalez, 11.2
Luke Scott, 10.9
Dan Uggla, 9.2
Jose Reyes, 8.8
Martin Prado, 8.8

Batters vs Curveballs (wCB)
Aramis Ramirez, 16.0
Jose Bautista, 9.3
Brennan Boesch, 8.8
Derek Jeter, 8.1
Todd Helton, 8.1
Andrew McCutchen, 8.1

Batters vs Changeups (wCH)
Edwin Encarnacion, 16.7
Carlos Gonzalez, 16.2
Josh Hamilton, 15.5
Mike Stanton, 14.2
Michael Cuddyer, 13.7

Batters vs Sliders (wSL)
Jose Bautista, 23.4
Robinson Cano, 16.3
Prince Fielder, 14.6
Albert Pujols, 13.9
Maicer Izturis, 12.1

Batters vs Split-finger (wSP)
Carl Crawford, 6.8
Starlin Castro, 6.7
Ryan Braun, 5.6
Jose Reyes, 5.5
Frederic Lewis, 4.6

It's shocking that Carl Crawford actually leads all of baseball in a positive statistic. It's fun to see Aramis Ramirez display such dominance against curve balls. Another surprising leader, is Edwin Encarnacion being the best changeup hitter the past 2 years. Who'd of thunk it?

Also interesting, to me, are the players who've had success against cut fastballs. The cutter has become a tremendous weapon for some of the most successful pitchers in the game. Hitters who can handle that pitch should do well in tough situations. Phillies fans just got another reaso to love Hunter Pence.

And, what else can we say about Jose Bautista. He is in the Top 5 against fastballs, curveballs, and sliders. Jose Bautista's success against a variety of pitches probably won't help his MVP case, but it also wont hurt.

Pitchers facing JoeyBats should try a forkball or something to get him out.

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