Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MLB Pitchers with Best Stuff

We did this a few months ago, when there was such a small sample size, it was almost a waste of time. Tonight, we'll be looking at the Fangraphs Pitch Value Leaderboards to determine who has the best stuff. No hyperbole nor nonsensical jargon, let's dive right in.

This is compiled from 2011 statistics for all pitchers in with a minimum of 100 innings pitched in the Major Leagues this season.

Total Weighted Value of All Pitches
Justin Verlander, 44.7
Jered Weaver, 42.6
Leyland loves Verlander's stuff.
Josh Beckett, 38.4
Clayton Kershaw, 36.4
Cole Hamels, 34.4
CC Sabathia, 31.8
Roy Halladay, 30.4
James Shields, 28.6
Cliff Lee, 24.8
Dan Haren, 23.0

Best Single Pitch
Dan Haren, 26.4 wCT
Justin Verlander, 24.1 wFB
Jered Weaver, 24.1 wFB
Clayton Kershaw, 20.6 wSL
C.J. Wilson, 19.8 wFB
Ian Kennedy, 19.7 wFB
Cliff Lee, 19.6 wFB
Felix Hernandez, 19.0 wCH
Bud Norris, 18.7 wSL
James Shields, 18.6 wCH

Best Two (2) Pitch wAVG
Justin Verlander, 18.4 FB/CB
Jered Weaver has been amazing.
Jered Weaver, 17.85 FB/CH
Clayton Kershaw, 15.95 SL/FB
Dan Haren, 14.05 CT/CB
James Shields, 13.65 FB/CB
C.J. Wilson, 13.5 FB/CT
CC Sabathia, 13.45 FB/SL
Josh Beckett, 13.35 FB/CT
Cole Hamels, 12.9 CH/FB
Cliff Lee, 12.45 FB/CB

Best Three (3) Pitch wAVG
Justin Verlander, 14.07 FB/CB/CH
Jered Weaver, 13.93 FB/CH/SL
Clayton Kershaw, 11.67 SL/FB/CH
Josh Beckett, 11.33 FB/CT/CH
Cole Hamels, 11.23 CH/FB/CT
CC Sabathia, 10.87 FB/SL/CH
Roy Halladay, 10.6 CT/CB/CH
C.J. Wilson, 10.27 FB/CT/SL
James Shields, 9.43 CH/CB/CT
Dan Haren, 8.87 CT/CB/SF

Best Four (4) Pitch wAVG
Jered Weaver, 10.65 FB/CH/SL/CB
Justin Verlander, 10.45 FB/CB/CH/SL
Josh Beckett, 9.6 FB/CT/CH/CB
Clayton Kershaw, 9.1 SL/FB/CH/CB
Cole Hamels, 8.6 CH/FB/CT/CB
CC Sabathia, 7.95 FB/SL/CH/CB
Roy Halladay, 7.6 CT/CB/CH/FB
James Shields, 7.15 CH/CB/CT/FB
C.J. Wilson, 7.03 FB/CT/SL/CB
Cliff Lee, 6.3 FB/CB/CH/SL

Best Five (5) Pitch wAVG
Cliff Lee, 4.96 FB/CB/CH/SL/CT
C.J. Wilson, 4.52 FB/CT/SL/CB/CH
Tim Hudson, 4.24 FB/SL/CB/SF/CT
Shaun Marcum, 3.52 CH/CB/CT/FB/SL
Ian Kennedy, 3.34 FB/CT/SL/CB/CH
Ricky Romero, 2.78 CH/FB/CB/SL/CT
Dillon Gee, 2.74 FB/CH/CT/CB/SL
Tim Stauffer, 2.58 FB/CH/CT/SL/CB
Mark Buehrle, 1.98 CT/CB/CH/SL/FB
Josh Tomlin, 1.8 CT/CB/FB/SL/CH

Wow, Dillon Gee and Josh Tomlin, I guess not many guys throw five pitches these days, at least not without one being a large liability. Any questions? Comments? Thanks!

This is Dillon Gee's first appearance here. Hi!

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