Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hyperbole, I has It

Walked into the office this morning to see Hall of Fame writer, Peter Gammons, tweet this:
From one who knows pitching:"The command and stuff Pineda gets from that angle is uncanny. He could end up better than Felix"
It looks like he hides the ball pretty well, and we know it's coming in hot.

Let us celebrate this moment in baseball hyperbole.

In essence, this post is an homage, an overstatement rather than simply hitting "retweet". The dozen, or so, regular readers of this space know how beloved baseball hyperbole is over here.

Take a rookie teammate of King Feliz, who's having a fantastic start to a career this season, throwing a dynamite fastball along the way, and say he could end up better than royalty. Brilliant!

By eliminating any mention of where this sage pitching voice came from, I'm thinking it may be from a Seattle employee who doesn't want to place too much pressure on the kid, or hurt any feelings of the slightly older kid, Felix. Who knows, besides the ones in the conversation? It could have come from another player, an advanced scout, a retired seamhead, John Kruk, anywhere.

On this hopeful Monday morning, I'm reminded of our opulent friend, and how this "one who knows pitching" could mimetically open his own scene with "Hyperbole, I has it."

A few more Pineda/Felix images for the eventual slideshow...

FYI: Felix is listed at 6'3, Pineda is at 6'7"

There's room for improvement with body language, kid.

They're definitely speaking Spanish.

Pineda could be MLB's most fan-friendly player.

If you see egregious hyperbole anywhere, please feel free to relay the message to us in our comment section, on my twitter, or anywhere else we may run into one another. Until we meet again.

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