Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Own Private Mississippi

This was an interesting weekend. One of my best friends, Colonel Mustard, visited with his lady-friend, Honey Mustard, on Friday night. We went to an outstanding new Thomas Keller restaurant in the Lower East Side called CO-OP Food and Drink. It's really a tasty dining experience. I'm not real friends with Keith Law, but he reads routinely checks his inbox. I should probably recommend Co-Op to him for the next time he's in New York.

On Saturday morning, I drove to the Lehigh River, in the Poconos*, which oddly reminds me...

*Early memory: watching 'The Newlywed Game' (or worse), and someone won a trip to the Poconos. I was about 10 years old, or so, at the time, and thought the Poconos sounded exotic, like Tahiti. So, I thought that was an exotic prize. Looking back now? Please, I'd rather be in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Anyway, one of those odd things that sticks with you is what the weirdo announcer said something like "You can't pick your nose in the Poconos." I think it's because one of the questions in the game was something about an embarrassing habit, or something, and the guy admitted to picking his nose a lot.

Regardless, what a mundane thing to never forget. Twenty years later and I'm still scarred. We should come up with a list of the ten dullest things we've remembered for at least 12 years.

We can discuss the rest of Memorial Day 2011 another time. Quickly, the reason we're here tonight is to amend our Happy Birthday post to Bob Dylan from last week. I listed my 100 favorite Dylan songs but failed to mention Mississippi.

No excuses, just sorry, it should be in the Top 25 area... Again, here's a link to our Top 100. Well, maybe we should take it easy with the apologies. I mean, it's not like Dylan's Mississippi is an all-time favorite of millions of fans. It's a more recent song, from Love and Theft. He has played it live, as the video below will show, but the official Dylan website says he's never played it live.

Please enjoy at your leisure, lyrics after the jump...


Every step of the way we walk the line
Your days are numbered, so are mine
Time is pilin’ up, we struggle and we scrape
We’re all boxed in, nowhere to escape

City’s just a jungle; more games to play
We’re trapped in the heart of it, tryin’ to get away
I was raised in the country, I been workin’ in the town
I been in trouble ever since I set my suitcase down

Got nothin’ for you, I had nothin’ before
I don’t even have anything for myself anymore
Sky full of fire, pain pourin’ down
There’s nothing you can sell me, I’ll see you around

All my powers of expression and thoughts so sublime
Could never do you justice in reason or rhyme
Only one thing I did wrong
Stayed in Mississippi a day too long

The devil’s in the alley, mule’s in the stall
Say anything you wanna, I have heard it all
I was thinkin’ ‘bout the things that Rosie said
I was dreaming I was sleepin’ in Rosie’s bed

Walkin’ through the leaves, falling from the trees
Feelin’ like a stranger nobody sees
So many things that we never will undo
I know you’re sorry, I’m sorry too

Some people will offer you their hand and some won’t
Last night I knew you, tonight I don’t
I need somethin’ strong to distract my mind
I’m gonna look at you ’til my eyes go blind

I got here followin’ the southern star
I crossed that river just to be where you are
Only one thing I did wrong
Stayed in Mississippi a day too long

Well my ship’s been split to splinters and it’s sinkin’ fast
Drownin’ in the poison, I got no future, got no past
But my heart is not weary, it’s light and it’s free
I’ve got nothin’ but affection for all those who’ve sailed with me

Everybody movin’ if they ain’t already there
Everybody got to move somewhere
Stick with me baby, stick with me anyhow
Things should start to get interestin’ right about now

My clothes are wet, they’re tight on my skin
Not as tight as the corner that I painted myself in
I know that fortune is waitin’ to be kind
So give me your hand and say you’ll be mine

Well, the emptiness is endless, cold as the clay
You can always come back, but you can’t come back all the way
Only one thing I did wrong
Stayed in Mississippi a day too long

Copyright © 1997 by Special Rider Music

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