Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cuban Preselections

This is an exciting time for über cyber-scouts out there, especially when talking about the difficult to chronicle Cuban talent. Courtesy of a website called "CUBADEBATE. Contra el Terrorismo Mediático: Círculo de Periodistas Cubanos contra el Terrorismo", we have the announcement of their preselected players for tournaments this Winter.

I'll try to translate, which I haven't done since AP Spanish.

Apparently, these 92 ball players are competing to make the Cuban roster for the 2011 IBF World Cup Games in Panama and the 2011 Pan-Am Games in Guadalajara.

Here are the preselections for the World Baseball Challenge...

Ariel Pestano
Ariel Pestano
Yosvani Alarcón
Roberto Borrero
Adir Ferrán

José Dariel Abreu
Alexander Malleta
Yunier Mendoza
Dayán García
Hector Olivera
Yeison Pacheco
Yorbis Borroto
Yorbis Borroto
Alexander Ayala
Dainer Moreira
Rudy Reyes
Yuliesky Gourriel
Yunior Paulmier

Alfredo Despaigne (GRA)
Frederich Cepeda (SSP)
Giorvis Duvergel (GTM)
Serguei Pérez (IND)
Joaquín Carbonell (SCU)
Yoelvis Leyva (CFG)

Norge Luís Vera (SCU)
Vicyohandri Odelín (CMG)
Miguel Alfredo González (HAB)
Norberto Gonzalez
Vladimir García (CAV)
Norberto González (CFG)
Wilber Pérez (IJV)
Yoelkis Cruz (LTU)
Odrisamer Despaigne (IND)
Jonder Martínez (HAB)
Julio A. Martínez (PRI)
Danny Betancourt (SCU)
Robelio Carrillo (VCL)
Alberto Soto La O (GRA)

The World Baseball Challenge is a tournament being played in Toronto July 8 through 17. It is a round robin and elimination tournament between Cuba, Bahamas, the Beijing Tigers, Canada, Chinese Taipei, and Japan.

The ALBA Games will be held in Venezuela, and are curiously described on their website as such:
"These games seek to integrate the Latin-American nations, which follow the Bolivarian ideal and highlight again the values of brotherhood, solidarity and inclusion of our peoples; where each of their members commit to stressing an excellent technical and competitive, administrative and logistic level, by showing the development that has been reached in the field of sports."
Pretty lofty goal, for a 2-week tournament between Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Dominica, Ecuador, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Antigua and Barbuda. The Cuban preselection for the ALBA Games include...

Frank Camilo Morejón (IND)
Eriel Sánchez (SSP)
Rudelis García (SCU)
Lorenzo Quintana (PRI)

Joan Carlos Pedroso (LTU)
Yoenni Southeran
Yoenni Southeran (GTM)
Ernesto Molinet (HAB)
Juan Carlos Torriente (IND)
Mario Jorge Vega (CAV)
Danel Castro (LTU)
David Castillo (PRI)
Aledmis Díaz Serrano (VCL)
Dainer Gálvez (IJV)
Michel Enrique (IJV)
Jorge Luis Barcelán (MET)
Raúl Gonzalez (CAV)

Yoenis Céspedes (GRA)
Reutilio Hurtado (SCU)
Jorge A. Jhonson (LTU)
Dariel Álvarez (CMG)
Alexei Bell (SCU)
Liván Monteagudo (SSP)

Vladimir Banos
Vladimir Baños (PRI)
Freddy Asiel Álvarez (VCL)
Noelvis Entenza (CFG)
Miguel Lahera (HAB)
Alexander Rodríguez (GTM)
Yormani Socarrás (CMG)
Pavel Pino (MET)
Ian Rendón (IND)
Yulieski González (HAB)
Yohán Hernández (MTZ)
Alain Tamayo (GRA)
Alain Delá (SCU)
Lander Moreira (GTM)

Hopefully, we'll be able to do a Prospect Spotlight on a few of these guys over the rest of the year. If anyone else does one, please give us a shout over here, on our Facebook page, or on Twitter.

h/t to @beisbolcubano for this tweet

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