Thursday, May 19, 2011

Minute Maid Madness

While the Astros are not good this year, the hits just keep on coming from Minute Maid Park. Just last week, we shared this video of the Astros fan escaping from security after running on the field. Soon after that, loyal reader and good friend, Osh, sent us an email saying that our other good friend was hit in the ribs by a foul ball and it was funny. Naturally, I got on a plane, flew to Chicago, went to Osh's house, and video taped the clip off his TiVo. There's a good chance that you'd have to be friends with us to think this is really funny. Sorry, in advance, for the inside joking nature of the clip. It's just fun to see your friend get nailed by a foul ball. We've never uploaded video like this, I hope it works!

And now, for the close up view...

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