Monday, May 30, 2011

Looking for Arms

Sorry we've been silent all week over here. Last weekend, I started a research exercise on players by age yet have gaps in the under 23 and over 33 groups. We still share some of our favorite photos, books, and films, and songs over on our tumblr. As for the writing element of our blog, we can thank writer's block for this:

Step it up, 'czynski!
If you're a real-life GM, or like us in fantasy baseball, you're probably looking for some pitching. With different rules from league to league, we'll utilize our competitive 12-team H2H league as a case study. It would appear that we could replace Marc Rzepczynski, whom we picked up a few weeks ago, and according to our team log, he's appeared in 6 games for us with no wins, no saves, 3 strikeouts, a 3.86 ERA, and 1.93 WHIP over 4 2/3's innings.

Below are available players, from our 12-team H2H league.

Jake Arrieta
Baltimore Orioles
Some thoughts:
As Mike Podhozer wrote last week, "He has posted a 3.74 xFIP so far, with a 4.03 ERA. Given my expectation for a decline in his K/9, I think his ERA should settle right around 4.00 where he currently sits. Though that would mean this is not a major breakout, it is a definite improvement from last season. Still, I think that would earn him only minimal shallow mixed league value, if any at all." He may not be available in my league much longer, especially when looking at a few numbers...
Some stats: 8.26 K/9, 3.98 BB/9, .263 BABIP, 6.56 rZIPS K/9

Carlos Carrasco
They got him for Cliff Lee, so we're
not the only ones expecting a lot.
Cleveland Indians
Some thoughts:
He was on our team earlier this year for 14.3 innings in 3 starts. Like Rzepczynski, he was unable to produce a win, while accumulating an unimpressive 10 strikeouts, 4.41 ERA, and 1.41 WHIP. Still, the Indians are hot, and their offense should maintain its output when its best players, Choo and Santana, start producing.
Some stats: 6.5 rZIPS K/9, 4.91 ERA, 3.67 FIP

Jordan Lyles
Lyles is just a kid soaking it all in.
Houston Astros
Some thoughts:
Anyone who's read a few of our posts knows we're suckers for highly touted prospects, and the 20-year old Lyles fits that bill. He has been the Astros' #1 prospect for a while. I'd like to pick him up because he'll pitch twice this week, and they are both good matchups. The cruddy Cubs face him on Tuesday night, and on Sunday, he'll take the mound in the pitcher's paradise of Petco Park. WGN's venerable Tom Skilling is reporting that the wind will still be blowing out, or at least out towards right field tomorrow night. I'd rather not have a 20-year old pitcher taking the mound at Wrigley with 15-25 MPH winds blowing towards the right field bleachers.
Some AAA stats: 6.25 K/9, 2.44 BB/9, 3.20 ERA, 3.49 FIP

Paul Maholm
Maholm'll be good on the Yankees
Pittsburgh Pirates
Some thoughts:
This guy has never really been under consideration for us because the Pirates have stunk for 18 years, and Maholm is not an overpowering strikeout machine. we're looking know for a few reasons. He has a career high 6.11 K/9, four positive value pitches, and a distinct possibility he may be traded to a contender in about six weeks.
Some stats: 52.5 career GB%, .256 BABIP, 3.18 ERA, 3.39 FIP

A couple of SP/RP's...

Cory Luebke
San Diego Padres
Some thoughts:
We've liked this guy since Opening Day, and he has been very good so far. As Mike Axisa wrote on May 27th, "The lone lefty in San Diego’s bullpen, Luebke is more than just a specialist and he could move back into the rotation before season’s end. His ERA (4.21) will look better once his strand rate (59.4%) normalizes."
Some stats: 9.47 K/9, 44.4 GB%, 2.48 FIP, HR/FB 4.2%

Daniel McCutchen
McCutchen throwing a splitter
Pittsburgh Pirates
Some thoughts:
He does not strikeout nearly enough batters, or else he'd already be on our team. Most of his success should be attributed to the weak contact he generates from his effective slider and chance of pace split finger.
Some stats: 4.43 K/9, 0.40 ERA, 0.90 WHIP, 2.46 FIP

This is our first year in this league, and there is a 45-move limit. As someone who would normally end seasons around the 175 mark, it's been rough. We actually only have 19 moves left, with roughly 65% of the season left to play. For now, we'll resist the temptation* to acquire Arrieta, Lyles, Maholm, or McCutchen, rolling with Repczynski, hoping to vulture a few wins along the way.

*We'll try to resist the temptation for at least a week, or two.

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