Monday, April 11, 2011

Replacing Ryan Zimmerman

Often times, we'll hear fantasy pundits opine as to whom look to as a replacement for a recently injured player. We do it a lot over here, too. This time, it's personal, as Ryan Zimmerman was the 2nd Round pick of our new Good Friends team. Right now, the team is actually currently named Upton & Upton, since we have both brothers paroling our virtual Outfield.

Hurry back, bud.
A few years ago, good friend Weino suggested we start a blog to write about why we're making the fantasy moves we were making each day. We don't do that so much because I feel people would tire of hearing about our steady, yet unspectacular transactions. Well, here's one that does matter.

With caution, I warn the following may have zero readability. I'm basically taking notes in this space as I decide whom to pick up to play third base while Ryan Zimmerman is on the DL.

Glancing through the list of available free agents and waiver wire, we zone in on: Casey Blake, Sean Rodriguez, Scott Rolen, Danny Valencia, and Ian Stewart.

Our league is weekly, H2H, roto columns, with standard 5x5 stats except OBP and SLG in place of BA and HR.

A few statistics:

Since Opening Day 2008 (last 3+ years)

On Base Percentage
A year or 2 ago, we would've fallen
over backwards to grt Ian Stewart.
Scott Rolen .358
Danny Valencia .343
Casey Blake .344
Ian Stewart .331
Sean Rodriguez .296

Slugging Percentage
Scott Rolen .465
Ian Stewart .449
Casey Blake .446
Danny Valencia .433
Sean Rodriguez .381
Ever notice that Dusty Baker has a
similar body type to Robert Duvall?

Line Drive %
Casey Blake 21.8%
Scott Rolen 21.0%
Ian Stewart 19.5%
Danny Valencia 19.1%
Sean Rodriguez 15.5%

I guess we really don't need to go much deeper than this. It looks like Scott Rolen, as a short-term solution, is the best option.

I hope no-one picks you up
And from the this aught to help you get to sleep section: Whom should we drop? Michael Morse, backup catcher Russell Martin, or SP/RP's David Hernandez or Aaron Crow?

Morse could play for me on Thursday, when others have a day off, but he'll be facing Cliff Lee that day.

We're going to drop him and hope Hernandez or Crow can vulture a win or two this week, while helping out with ERA and K. We also like the depth and insurance that Russ Martin is providing in tandem with Geovany Soto.

To conclude, let us compare Dusty and Duvall...

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