Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today's Birthdays vol 2

We got such a positive response to our birthday post last week, and today is a monumental birthday, that we decided to do it again. This is going to be a long one, September 23rd is a monumental day for the great game of baseball; check it:

We remembered Bo Diaz in this post.

Old School South Siders may remember Bruce Howard.

Happy Birthday, Chile!!!

Chris Turner of the California Angels

I wonder if Osh knows Danny Coombs

Dan Shannon
looked better
in person.

Doc Smoot, no relation

Farmer Weaver looks like a bad mother ------.

Frank Parkinson is one of many
Philadelphia Phillies born today.

George Scott played in 3 All-Star games,
won 8 Gold Gloves, and was the 1966
American League Rookies of the Year.

Gavvy Cravath had a remarkable career.

Jack Meyer is representing The ILLadelphia.

Jim Lemon played for some really bad teams.

This is Joe Gunson of the 1889 Kansas City Cowboys

Joel Peralta is looking good in LIFE Magazine

Johnny Logan made four All-Star teams.

Not that he would have ever known, but
Johnny Moore had a nice 110 Career OPS+.

Lee Andrew May turned 68 today.

I saw Mike Remlinger at Mia Francesca a few hours
after a game once. He seemed like a really nice Dad.

How awesome does Mike Smith look?

Pat Bourque primarily played for the A's and Cubs.

This is the old baseball card for
Peaches Graham of the Boston Doves

Ramon Ortiz is 38 and still trying to play.

Ray Kremer's first name was Remy. For his
career, he played 10 seasons, all in Pittsburgh,
and went 143 - 85 with a 3.76 ERA.

Sam Bowens looks like he's not there to mess around.

This is Tony Pena, Jr - former Royals Shortstop,
current minor league relief pitcher. (exciting!)

Danny Moeller looks like he enjoyed DC a hundred years ago.

Mark Buerhle turned 32 today. Perfect.

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