Sunday, March 27, 2011

Root for the Local Kid: Mark Trumbo

An awesome reader on Rotoprofessor, named John, left an enlightened comment on our Rookies post. He writes:
"What about Mark Trumbo? Had a good spring. Has an opportunity. Any chance he sticks with the Angels after Morales is healthy?"
This is really becoming quite a habit. It feels like every time I do a post on a group of players, I'll omit at least one person worth discussing. I wanted to check Trumbo's backstory, but first responded to John on with the following:
"Excellent point, John. Mark Trumbo certainly looks like he deserves an opportunity. Last season in AAA he went .301/.368/.577, with 70 extra base hits (36 HR’s). It’s a good hitting environment, but doing that as a 24-year old is impressive.
To answer your question, though, I don’t think he will get everyday AB’s after Morales gets back. LF, RF, 1b, and DH will be taken by Wells, Hunter, Morales, and Abreu.
Maybe Trumbo will get a lot of playing time if he rotates into those four positions as the veterans get days off or have injuries of their own to deal with.
Trumbo’s projections don’t jump off the page, so roster him with cautious optimism.
Bill James: .270 BA, .318 OBP, 18 HR
ZiPS: .248 BA, .298 OBP, 21 HR
Marcel: .253 BA, .324 OBP, 5 HR"
Finding that Trumbo is a local kid helps with rooting factor.

Too bad Trumbo can't play 3rd
He was a high-school kid from nearby Orange, CA, when the Angels drafted in the 18th round.

The reason he was available so late in the draft is not because of questionable tools or abilities. In fact, he was an enticing dual-threat, as a player who could hit for power and pitch in the low-to-mid-90s. He wasn't selected any earlier because teams were certain that it would take a lot of money to lure Trumbo away from his commitment to a USC scholarship. Rolling the dice, the Anaheim Angels drafted and signed the kid with a $1,425,000 signing bonus.

Good for them. It's always good to have truly homegrown talent on the Major League roster. It's very organic.

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