Friday, March 25, 2011

Inaugural Post on Rotoprofessor

Hey folks, so we've never done this before...

The Braves are reloading, and
Freddie Freeman is a big part of it.
I wrote a fantasy article, for, taking an in depth look at the projected 2011 Major League rookie class. We didn't want to just rate upcoming rookies, or tell roto players whom to target in drafts. Instead, the idea was to look at which appealing rookies are the ones to stay away from. Too many times in the past, I've had a rookie, or four, on my roster who just weren't ready for prime time, so to speak. So, it's not like we're staying safe and saying "Don't draft Darwin Barney". Rather, we're trying to stay disciplined by avoiding upside hype because some high-prized prospects aren't ripe for the picking.

If you get a minute, please check out the post here on Rotoprofessor and let me know either here, or there, if you have any feedback.

Spoiler alert!

The details are in the Rotoporofessor column, but these are basically the groups we put the players in...

Draft (all leagues): Jeremy Hellickson, Freddie Freeman and Craig Kimbrel

Draft (most leagues): Aroldis Chapman, Danny Espinosa, Tsuyoshi Nishioka and Mike Minor

Watch (pick up if given opportunity): Mike Moustakas, Brandon Belt, Julio Teheran, Jesus Montero, Tyler Matzek, Manuel Banuelos, Desmond Jennings and (with a bit more trepidation) Lonnie Chisenhall and Dustin Ackley.

And... drum roll please...

Intriguing but Avoid: Chris Sale, Kyle Drabek, Domonic Brown, Michael Pineda, J.P. Arencibia, Brett Wallace, Chris Carter, Cory Luebke, and Matt Dominguez.

Note: Mike Minor and Cory Luebke are slowly moving into the Watch list from different directions.

Cory Luebke keeps sounding like a better and better option.
If we don't share again until next week, have a great weekend!

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