Thursday, February 24, 2011

Keep Your Nose Clean, MiggyCab

Earlier this evening, I read about Miguel Cabrera's apology from Tribune New Services. It sparked me to comment right away that I hope Cabrera cleans himself up and resumes his Hall of Fame career. As a courtesy to you, faithful readers, here's the crux of the HOF 'gument.

He's still only 27 years old, and Baseball-Reference's similar batters through Age 27 are:

Miguel Cabrera keeps Rare Company
Frank Robinson (930) *
Hank Aaron (928) *
Ken Griffey (922)
Hal Trosky (891)
Mickey Mantle (884) *
Albert Pujols (883)
Orlando Cepeda (879) *
Al Kaline (870) *
Andruw Jones (862)
Joe Medwick (861) *

(*) signifies Hall of Famer

Figuring that Ken Griffey, Jr and Albert Pujols will be Hall of Famers, that makes eight out of ten. Andruw Jones has a chance to make it in, and Hal Trosky was a great young player who was basically finished when he was 28.

I've been a big Miguel Cabrera fan since his amazing debut as a 20-year old. Looking at the names in the list above also doesn't just shout "Hall of Fame", these are Small Hall guys. Henry Aaron, Mickey Mantle, Griffey Jr, Pujols, Kaline: All Time Heroes.

Keep your nose clean, MiggyCab. When you and the Tigers head back to Motown, maybe you can ask Eminem for some advice.

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