Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Remembering Pavano the Yankee

Yankee fans have many reasons to have negative feelings towards Carl Pavano. Even fans who do not embrace advanced baseball statistics in general, or Wins Above Replacement in particular, can agree that Baseball-Reference WAR shows in one minute or less, exactly why Yankee fans have such indisputable emotions.

According to Baseball-Reference, in 2003, the season before joining the Yankees, Carl Pavano pitched 222 innings for the Marlins with a WAR score of 5.1 Wins Above Replacement. This past year, he pitched 221 innings for the Twins, with a 4.6 WAR.

Pavano signed a lucrative 4-year contract with the Bronx Bombers. He only pitched 145 and two-thirds innings for the Yankees, over the duration of his 4-year run with the team.

Oh yeah, and his WAR those four years with the Yankees? Try 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, and -0.1. (Yes, that's a minus, as in negative WAR his last season after three years of Zero point Zero's.)

Is that great, or what? That is worse than Mr. Blutarsky's 0.0 GPA in Animal House. (click on the link for the line)

"Mr. Pavano, you and your sick Delta buddies..."

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