Sunday, December 26, 2010

Week 16 NFL Picks

Merry Christmas, everyone.  Yesterday was pretty interesting, to say the least.  More on that in our next post, coming soon.  For now, here are our picks for the rest of Week 16.

Breaking news:
  • Mo Jo Drew is Out.  Rashad Jennings is In.
  • The Vikings @ Eagles game may be postponed.
Rashad Jennings may win some
fantasy championships today.

Patriots -7.5 @ Buffalo
NY Jets +2.5 @ Chicago
Ravens -3.5 @ Cleveland
Chiefs -4 vs Titans
Rams -2.5 vs 49ers
Lions +3.5 @ Miami
Redskins +6.5 @ Jacksonville
Colts -2 @ Oakland
Broncos +2.5 vs Texans
Bengals +8 vs Chargers
NY Giants +3 @ Green Bay
Buccaneers -6.5 vs Seahawks
Eagles -14 vs Vikings
Saints +2.5 @ Atlanta

Locks this week are the Ravens, Lions, and Giants.

Season Record: 78-65-4 (.545 W%)
Locks: 14-13-3

I'll be watching the Jets @ Bears, with NFL RedZone channel during commercials.  Good luck to the Giants; beat Green Bay!  Thanks for reading, don't gamble, and enjoy the games.

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