Sunday, December 5, 2010

Coaching Trees & Week 13 NFL Picks

Our current research project consists of looking at baseball coaching trees, which we find neglected by baseball lore.  We hear about coaching trees, sometimes in basketball, and often in professional football.

The relatively unsourceable Wikipedia even has a page dedicated to NFL Coaching Trees.  It has this nicely organized image:

Our NFL picks for this week are listed below, and if you're using this space for gambling advice, you really should not gamble on NFL games.  (Unless, of course, you're here as part of a Costanza Gambling Plan.  If that's the case, sorry for the short notice.)

NFL Week 13 Picks
Texans +8 @ Philadelphia
Jaguars +3 @ Tennessee
NY Giants -7.5 vs Redskins
Lions +5 vs Bears
Bills +5 @ Minnesota
Bengals +6.5 vs Saints
49ers +9 @ Green Bay
Broncos +8.5 @ Kansas City
Browns +5.5 @ Miami
Raiders +13 @ San Diego
Seahawks -4.5 vs Panthers
Buccaneers -3 vs Falcons
Rams -3.5 vs Cardinals
Colts -5.5 vs Cowboys
Ravens -3 vs Steelers
Jets +3.5 @ New England

Our locks this week are the Bills, 49ers, and Rams.

Week 13 Unsponsored Lock of the Week:
St. Louis Rams @ Arizona

Season Record: 55-43-3 (.561 W%)
Locks: 10-8-3

Have a great Sunday, Go Bears!

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