Sunday, December 5, 2010

2011 Hall of Fame Sneak Peek

The Winter Meetings begin tomorrow in Orlando, and one of the more lasting developments which could take place is the induction of some potential Hall of Famers.

Marvin Miller could be in for
an exciting Monday Morning.
A special Veterans Committee will announce the results first-thing tomorrow morning, 9am local time.

The voting committee consists of Hall of Famers: Johnny Bench, Whitey Herzog, Eddie Murray, Jim Palmer, Tony Pérez, Frank Robinson, Ryne Sandberg, Ozzie Smith, Executives: Bill Giles, David Glass, Andy MacPhail, Jerry Reinsdorf, and Writers: Bob Elliott, Tim Kurkjian, Ross Newhan, and Tom Verducci.

They will be voting on the following candidates...

Yankee fans would like to see
these old pals inducted together.
Vida Blue
Dave Concepción
Steve Garvey
Pat Gillick
Ron Guidry
Tommy John
Billy Martin
Marvin Miller
Al Oliver
Ted Simmons
Rusty Staub
George Steinbrenner

We're pretty sure Miller and Gillick will get in.  It would be neat to see Steinbrenner and Martin inducted together, while Vida Blue, Davey Concepción and Mr. Ulnar Collateral Ligament Replacement have a solid argument for attention.

What's more exciting is to look at the regular Hall of Fame ballot for the Baseball Writers' Association of America.  On this ballot, BBWAA writers are allowed to vote for up to 10 players.  Many writers, historically, vote for far fewer than 10 players each year.  It's interesting, at least to us, that the ballot looks like more than 10 players have a valid argument at having their careers recognized for excellence.

From what we could find with a quick Internet search, people eligible for the 2010/11 BBWAA ballot include...

Al Leiter
Alan Trammell unfortunately,
is a longshot we endorse.
Alan Trammell
B.J. Surhoff
Barry Larkin
Benito Santiago
Bert Blyleven
Bobby Higginson
Bret Boone
Carlos Baerga
Charles Johnson
Dale Murphy
Dave Parker
Don Mattingly
Edgar Martinez
Fred McGriff
Harold Baines
Jack Morris
Bagwell kept his name clean
just enough to get our vote.
Jeff Bagwell
John Franco
John Olerud
Juan Gonzalez
Kevin Brown
Kirk Rueter
Larry Walker
Lee Smith
Lenny Harris
Mark McGwire
Marquis Grissom
Rafael Palmeiro
Raul Mondesi
Roberto Alomar
Tim Raines
Booo! You guys stink!! Cheaters!
Tino Martinez

This year is unique because of the depth of Mitchell Report people.  McGwire and Palmeiro would be shoe-ins if not for steroids, and Kevin Brown would have a nice chance to get in eventually if not for his mention in the report.  So, anyway, if the great trustees in Cooperstown granted us a ballot, whom would we vote for?  It was a tough choice, but we'd go with the following...

Alan Trammell
I wanna party with Rock!
Barry Larkin

Yeah, that's right, Olerud's on the list.  If we could vote for as many people as we want, I think votes would have also gone to Mattingly, Murphy, Parker, and maybe even Leiter.

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