Friday, November 26, 2010

Week 12 NFL Picks

We don't have much time for NFL talk this weekend.  We're a bit involved in a project for friend of the blog, Graham Womack, of Baseball Past and Present.  Graham got in touch with me after reading our "Hall of Fame's Best Outsiders" post, back in August.  Feel free to read the comment thread from the reposting on Seamheads to see other people's contributions to the discussion.  Graham is working on a project devoted to the 50 greatest non-Hall of Famers.

We're all over any chance
to give Quiz some pub'
If any friends want to offer contributions, please email me or comment below, and I'll see if there are any ballots available.  You'd better believe we'll be giving some big ups to our boys: Ron Santo, Dan Quisenberry, and Bobby Grich.

It's going to be great when a few guys from our 1st Occasional Non Hall of Famers team make it into the Hall, thus opening room for new outsiders on the 2nd Occasional team.

In regards to the National Football Gambling Picks, I went 2-1 on Thanksgiving, inconceivably raising my season record to fifteen games over .500.

There's plenty of room with
us on the Giants bandwagon.
This kind of run, gambling on a .593 Winning Percentage, naturally, makes me want to start gambling regularly.  With as much money as I can get my hands on.  But, that's where they get you.  In accordance to our better judgement, we suggest everyone NOT gamble.

Week 12 Picks
Pats -7 @ Detroit, W
Saints -4 @ Dallas, L
Jets -9 vs Bengals, W
Do you remember when
Dwayne Bowe was a bust?
Redskins -1 vs Vikings
Texans -6.5 vs Titans
NY Giants -6.5 vs Jaguars
Steelers -6.5 @ Buffalo
Browns -10 vs Panthers
Packers +2 @ Atlanta
Chiefs -2.5 @ Seattle
Raiders -3.5 vs Dolphins
Rams +3.5 @ Denver
Eagles -3.5 @ Chicago
Buccaneers +7.5 @ Baltimore
How about Rivers for MVP?
Chargers +3 @ Indianapolis
Cardinals +1 vs 49ers

This week's Unsponsored Locks of the Week are the Redskins, Packers, and Chargers.  Truthfully, I don't really feel good about the picks for any of these games.  I wouldn't be surprised if I get them all wrong.  But the Locks of the Week are the 3 games we'd bet on if we were in Vegas and "had to" pick a few games to bet on because we're staying in a casino during an NFL Sunday.

Season Record: 48-33-3 (.593 W%)
Locks: 9-6-3

In closing, all this talk of non-Hall of Famers has gotten me thinking of personal favorite, The Pride of Havana, Dolf Luque.  We highly recommend this fantastic account about Adolfo Domingo de Guzman Luque by the awfully impressive Callum Hughson, of Mop-Up Duty.

In his Dolf Luque post, Callum shares the video below, which I really want to share with the select few people who made it this far in the post.  It's pretty special.

Béisbol. from Memoria de Cuba on Vimeo.

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