Friday, November 12, 2010

Week 10 NFL Picks

Last night's Ravens @ Falcons game got us into an 0-1 hole to start our Week 10 Picks.  The point spread was not even an issue, as I got this tweet out a couple of hours before game time:
"Although I love the "You are still Cleveland to us. You still stink" sign, I would take the #Ravens tonight."
This gambling thing is really a big hoax.  Over time, every consistent gambler should basically be up or down within a standard variation of their average gambling amount.  The hook is with the addiction of impulsion.  For the most part, we love the adrenaline, the rush.  So, it's rare to handle the required discipline to know when to say when.

"I just have this chemical imbalance
almost like an allergy to alcohol.
It just makes me crazy!"
Just as Kim Basinger would lose control if she drank in Blind Date, most people gambling lose control.  They reach that tipping point somewhere along the line.

Most people take a team they shouldn't, back the wrong cards at a table, or build a parlay that's a little too ambitious.

With a healthy dose of self control, we present to you our Week 10 NFL Picks, brought to us by our proud sponsor: Prestige Worldwide, wide... wide... wide...

"Investors?  Maybe You!"
Week 10 NFL Picks
Ravens +1 @ Atlanta
Lions +2.5 @ Buffalo
Bucs -7 vs Carolina
Vikings -1 @ Chicago
Jaguars -1.5 vs Texans
Titans -1.5 @ Miami
Colts -7 vs Bengals
Jets -3 @ Cleveland
Chiefs -1 @ Denver
Rams +3 @ San Francisco
Seahawks +3 @ Arizona
Cowbowys +13.5 @ NY Giants
Patriots +4.5 @ Pitt
Eagles -3 @ Washington

It' looks odd that we're only taking three home teams.

Our locks this week are a collection of road warriors, the Titans, Seahawks, and Rams.

We got virtual money on you, Hass!
Season Record: 30-23-2 (.566 W%)
Locks: 6-4-2

Remember, don't gamble money you can't afford to lose, and parlays are sucker bets.  Enjoy the games!


  1. Speaking of gambling, does anyone else like Antonio Margarito +350 ?

  2. Atlanta, Buffalo, Bucs, Vikings, Texans, Titans, Colts, Jets, Chiefs, Rams, Seahawks, Cowboys, Pittsburgh, Eagles

    Locks: Eagles, Titans, Jets

    And I told you I would take your action is Pacquiao doesn't like people that make fun of Parkinson's.