Saturday, October 30, 2010

Week 8 NFL Picks

Addiction is a terrible disease.  Gambling addiction ruins lives.

Norm MacDonald would joke that the problem with his gambling habit isn't even the thousands of dollars he's lost on bad bets, but rather, the thousands and thousands of hours he's wasted.  He could have been productive during that time.  He could have spent time with his family.  It's more sad than funny, but hasn't that been MacDonald's shtick after Dirty Work came out?

If you gamble money that you can't afford to lose, or are spending time at an OTB when you should be with your kids, do your self a favor.  Stop reading this and get some help.

If you are a healthy gambler or just happen to be in Las Vegas, then I suggest betting on the opposite of what we pick below.  Without further ado, here are our Week 8 NFL Gambling Picks!

KC -7.5 vs Bills
Cowboys -6.5 vs Jags
Rams -3 vs Panthers
Broncos +2 @ London 49ers
Lions -2.5 vs Redskins
Dolphins +1.5 @ Cincinnati
Packers +6 @ NY Jets
Titans +3.5 @ San Diego
Bucs +3 @ Arizona
Vikings +6 @ New England
Raiders -2.5 vs Seahawks
Steelers +1 @ New Orleans
Texans +5.5 @ Indy

The locks this week are the Broncos, Bucs, and Texans.  Enjoy the games, and Happy Halloween!


  1. With the spreads I would take: Bills, Jags, Rams, 49ers, Redskins (money line only), Dolphins, Jets, Titans, Bucs, New England (money line only), Seahawks, Steelers, Indy.

    Locks are Steelers, Indy, and Dolphins

  2. Jason, from Reggie, I like the Steelers and Dolphins, but the Texans are going to beat Indy!