Friday, October 1, 2010


Getting my mind around this involved Sizing Up the AL Playoffs project that I've gotten myself into has been a bit frustrating, if only because I'm just not happy with it.  I think it was fun for a while, and could be fun in the future.  Unfortunately, there's not much to say other than my biased formula for projecting team success in the playoffs, so far, has a clear top 2 teams.  They are the Yankees and Rays.  My formula tells me they'll be in the ALCS.  That could change.  The formula is not completely done and double/triple checked for errors.  I'm still crunching some numbers for player and team position avWAR, and looking into numbers that I haven't really messed around with in the past, like BaseRuns.  (Any math majors want an internship?)

While I'm going through these growing pains, loyal readers of BAseball Reality Tour shouldn't have to suffer.  Please enjoy the display of happiness on the video embedded below, brought to you by Bud Light.

The video is of Harry Caray leading the crowd in "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the 7th inning stretch of the first home game in 1985. The crowd was really charged up, since the team had won the division title in 1984.

Stay tuned after the song for a memorable commercial for the "Gimme a light... uhhh, Bud Light" campaign.

Gosh I miss Harry. "Alright, let's sign it good and loud!"

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