Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gambling with George Costanza

Sometimes with playoff baseball, I think you just need to let the games speak for themselves.  We can try to write our feelings over what's been happening on TBS and Fox, but the game doesn't need just more noise.  Instead, we think everyone should be able to appreciate the LCS's for what they are and have been so far.

In order to keep our minds nimble, I thought it'd be fun to look at the NFL schedule and see which games I would gamble on if I were in Las Vegas.  If any of you readers are near a sportsbook, gamble online, have a legal bookie, my advice to you is this: bet the opposite.  George Costanza pioneered the Do-the-Opposite movement in the mid 90's.  Trust me when I say that is wise when looking at my picks.

Today is Turner the Burner Day
For this exercise, I looked at all the games without a point spread and tried to guess who'd win and by how much.  Then, I check the spreads and see where I get the most points based on my crude predictions.  I would only bet on the games I feel extra comfortable with, even though it usually ends in a loss.

This week, it looks like we got three* "locks":

Atlanta +3 @ Philly
Baltimore + 3 @ New England
Minnesota -1.5 vs. Dallas

*If you're inclined to take Monday night's game, we feel very good about Tennessee -3 @ Jacksonville.

Again, I do NOT suggest anyone putting any money on these three picks.

If you really want to make some money, you could best against all of my picks for this week - if forced to bet on all the games.  Here are the picks.  It'll be fun on Monday and Tuesday to see how bad these are.

Atlanta +3 @ Philly
Baltimore + 3 @ New England
Minnesota -1.5 vs. Dallas
Chicago -7 vs. Seattle
Detroit +10 @ NY Giants
St. Louis +9 vs. San Diego
NY Jets -3.5 @ Denver
Indy -3.5 @ Washington
Tenn -3 @ Jags
Pitt -14.5 vs Cleveland
Green Bay -3.5 vs. Miami
New Orleans -5 vs Tampa Bay
Houston -5 vs. Kansas City
San Francisco -7 vs. Oakland

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