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The Best Free Agents

W're working on a few things over here including:
  • a revised Game Score formula that sort of feels more right, with IFFB data
  • our look at 1973 awards
  • Mark Prior
  • Sandy Alderson's next move
I'd think that at least two of those posts will see the light of day.

If we don't get to the Sandy Alderson thoughts before he makes another move, can we at least consider the exasperation Mets fans would be able to feel if the team doesn't at least make Alderson an offer?  Missing out on Kevin Towers was bad, but looking past the competitive advantages Alderson can bring would be indefensible.  Speaking of Mets fans, I was at peezy party in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, last night with some extremely colorful characters.  A couple of fellows tought me that Mets, unfortunately, is an acronym for:


They used a less family friendly word than 'stinks' and added that they've been saying it for years.  Overall, they were glad that Omar was not GM anymore, but it's almost like they don't even know that they lost Johan Santana to shoulder surgery.  The acronym isn't really that funny or creative, but I'm just surprised I haven't heard it before from overabundant, snarky Mets fans.

While the work-in-progress posts simmer in draft form, we thought it would be nice to keep our minds limber, by anticipating the upcoming hot stove.  When your team is out of the postseason, it's fun to root for your choice of teams in each series, but it's never enough.  That's why the hot stove has gotten so much attention in the past twenty years, or so.  The NFL Draft is a big spectacular on ESPN and NFL Network every summer, but they don't have an entire hot stove season that captures the imaginations of fans everywhere.

Here is a breakdown of the most notable free agents to consider at each position, in order of our own quick rankings.  The player's 2011 age is included in parenthesis, and guys with an asterisk have a 2011 team or mutual option where we aren't sure how they'll play out.

Victor Martinez (32) - Type A
Yorvit Torrealba* (32) - Type B
Miguel Olivo* (32) - Type B
John Buck (30) - Type B
Matt Treanor (35)
Henry Blanco (39)

First Basemen
Adam Dunn (31) - Type A
Lance Berkman (35)
Paul Konerko (35) - Type A
Aubrey Huff (34) - Type B
Jorge Cantu (29)
We expect a nice bounceback
from Lance Berkman next year.
Adam LaRoche (31) - Type B
Carlos Pena (33) - Type B
Derek Lee (35)
Lyle Overbay (34)
Troy Glaus (34)
Xavier Nady (32)
I would also include Victor Martinez in this list, maybe in the 2nd spot.

Second Basemen
Orlando Hudson (33) - Type B
Nick Punto (33)*
Juan Uribe (31) - Type B
Bill Hall (31)
It's a terrible offseason to try and buy a middle infielder.  I wouldn't want my team to sign any of these guys, unless it was a drop in the budget bucket and he was to be our 8th best starting player.  The shortstop list is just as pitiful.  We're not actually considering having Derek Jeter on the market, but feel free to add Juan Uribe and Nick Punto's names to the lame SS list, as well...

Slim pickings at 2b/SS
Edgar Renteria (35)
Alex Gonzalez (33)* - Type B
Orlando Cabrera (36)* - Type B
Jhonny Peralta (29)* - Type B
Cesar Izturis (31)
Adam Everett (34)
Omar Vizquel (44)
Christian Guzman (33)
Bobby Crosby (31)

3rd Basemen
Adrian Beltre (32) - Type A
Jorge Cantu (29)
Jhonny Peralta (29)* - Type B
Miguel Tejada (37) - Type A
Crawford would look good in
many different uniforms.
Brandon Inge (34) - Type B

Left Fielders
Carl Crawford (29) - Type A
Jayson Werth (32) - Type A
Jason Kubel (29)* - Type A
Pat Burrell (34)
Johnny Damon (37) - Type B
Austin Kearns (31)
Rick Ankiel (31)*
Bill Hall (31)
Willie Harris (33)

Jayson Werth (32) - Type A
Coco Crisp (31)*
Jayson will be partying
after his next contract.
Pat Burrell (34)
Corey Patterson (31)
Rick Ankiel (31)*

Right Fielders
Jayson Werth (32) - Type A
Jason Kubel (29)* - Type A
Rick Ankiel (31)*
Xavier Nady (32)
Andruw Jones (34)
Magglio Ordonez (31) - Type A
Brad Hawpe (32) - Type B

Designated Hitters
Jason Kubel (29) - Type A
Kubel may be on the move.
Lance Berkman (35)
Vladimir Guerrero (37)* - Type A
Jim Thome (40)
Johnny Damon (37) - Type B
Manny Ramirez (39) - Type A
Pat Burrell (34)
Hideki Matsui (37) - Type B
David Ortiz (35) - Type B
Hank Blalock (30)
Jose Guillen (35)

Starting Pitchers
Cliff Lee (32) - Type A
There's a BIG dropoff in the
SP market after Cliff Lee
Ted Lilly (35) - Type A
Jeff Francis (29)*
Jorge de la Rosa (30)
Andy Pettitte (39) - Type A
Brandon Webb (32)
Carl Pavano (35) - Type A
Hiroki Kuroda (36)
Pedro Martinez (39)
Jamie Moyer (48)
Aaron Harang (33)
Jon Garland (31)*
Jake Westbrook (33)

Rafael Soriano (31) - Type A
Kerry Wood (34) - Type B
Rafael Soriano wants a big bag of $$
Jon Rauch (32)
Frank Francisco (31) - Type A
Kevin Gregg (33)*
Brian Fuentes (35) - Type B

Right-handed Relievers
Grant Balfour (33) - Type A
Jason Frasor (33) - Type A
Jose Contreras (39)
Guillermo Mota (37)
Bobby Seay could be great signing.
Chad Gaudin (28)

Left-handed Relievers
Pedro Feliciano (34) - Type B
Bobby Seay (33)
Scott Downs (35) - Type A
Hisanori Takahashi (36)
Arthur Rhodes (41) - Type A
Dennys Reyes (34)
J.C. Romero (35)*
Randy Choate (35) - Type B

Cot's Baseball Contracts and (mostly) mlbtraderumors was used in the creation of this list.

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