Friday, September 3, 2010

While We're Away

We're going to be heading to the lovely LaGuardia Airport for a flight to the city of my birth, Chicago.  I'm actually not taking my laptop because it's a quick trip for the wedding of dear friends of ours, and we'll be coming back after a couple days.

There are a few posts in the works, which we weren't able to finish before today.  Sorry.  A couple of posts we guarantee to the audience are the Phillips/Minaya post and an investigation into the story of 1973.  I can't imagine that the 1973 baseball season hasn't been weighing on everyone else's mind, as well.
This weekend, we'll try to keep jotting down notes into the ol' blackberry immediately following the idea's inception.

It isn't clear if any readers use the "Suggested Reading" list on the right hand side of BAseball Reality Tour.

If you're looking for a way to get your baseball fix, may we kindly suggest the following places around the web.  Let's stay away from ESPN suggestions, since everyone is probably familiar of the Worldwide Leader.
Joe Posnanski blog and twitter, for those of you that are more tweet inclined*.

*If you're really into Twitter, here are several suggestions...


I think I was supposed to suspend newspaper deliver, or something, but at least I got this out of the way for our faithful readers.  Enjoy your weekend.

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