Thursday, September 16, 2010

We're All Counting on You, Lucas Duda

Not that anyone cares, but we're battling in our rotisserie league to finish in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place.

Today's MLB schedule is light due to many off days, so this was a day to grab hitters off the waiver wire and get some more counting stats.  I looked, wanted to grab RBI, and decided to roll the dice with some guy on the Mets named Lucas Duda.

Nice catch, now get a hit.
We never heard of Lucas Duda until a few days ago.  The highest I could find him ranked on a prospect lists was as the 28th best prospect in the Mets organization on this site.  He could be ranked higher someplace else.

We picked him up because he should get some RBI opportunities if he starts for the Mets.  What a great illustration as to why RBI is a horrible statistic, rewarding players for circumstances beyond their control.

In triple-A, Lucas Duda hit a very impressive .314/.389/.610.  Last night, he was awarded with the Mets Organizational Player of the Year.  That's a good enough pedigree for us.

Did we mention his incredible Major League stats?  If you know about Logan Morrison's current streak, picture the opposite of that, and you'll have an idea of what Lucas Duda is going through.  He's batting .030, with 1 hit in 33 at bats.  We've never had a roto player with such bad stats.  Brandon Wood was just a bit better.  We can chalk this up as picking him up is because he is due, oh and RBI is a stupid stat.  Sorry if we mentioned that RBI is a terribly lazy statistic already.

Ownership %
Zero point Zero
It feels good to root for a player who is probably only on fantasy teams of crazy Mets fans, people in 30-team leagues, and his own friends and family.

Good luck, Lucas Duda!  Don't worry about your defense, just smash the ball.  Remember, it's never a blowout in rotisserie baseball.

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  1. Since the Mets no longer need Lucas Duda or anyone else on the team at this point, I hope he does the job for you.