Tuesday, September 7, 2010

WAR Memo on Belated Labor Day

Happy Belated Labor Day, everyone!!!  We'll get back to actual posts hopefully later today.

Falling off the wagon does not affect WAR
In the meantime, I wanted to inform you that until further notice, whenever we cite Wins Above Replacement (WAR) we will be taking Tom Tango's advice, via Joe Posnanski's Josh Hamilton post and "split the difference" between Fangraphs WAR and Baseball-Reference WAR.  Tom refined his stance in this post, where he writes "I find that the best thing to do is split the difference. No fuss, no muss, and best of all, you are half right, rather than possibly being all-wrong."

We'll write it out here as avWAR, until another WAR stat comes out that everyone agrees is the bee's knees.

For example, according to Fangraphs, Mark Prior's 2003 career year in 2003 was a 7.6 WAR season.  Baseball-Reference has his 2003 at 6.2 WAR.  So, moving forward, we'll average them out and show Prior's 2003 season as 6.9 avWAR.

Extra math steps can be daunting, but something tells me we'll be able to handle:

(fgWAR + brWAR) / 2 = avWAR

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