Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Valvoline: 11? Probably

As most regular readers of this space know, my "day job" involves marketing, media, advertising, etc.  Just as we have an occasional NFL post, please excuse the occasional media commentary.  We'll keep the subjects light, of course.

So, is this :15-sec spot for Valvoline better than the Martin Agency's "Peggy" Discover Card ad that we mentioned in our August 31 MLB Predictions post?  After finding a clip online, we shared the Peggy ad here.

Valvoline has a few other spots in the "Probably" series, including one about a parachute, a plumber, and a police lineup window.

We think Valvoline "Probably" spot below is the best. The kid with the tie makes a great face.


  1. Hilarious Peggy Parody:

  2. Ha. That's great. Have you seen this one?

  3. This kid is funny, but the first "Peggy" ad was the truth.