Thursday, September 9, 2010

How the West will be Won

The National League West race is getting better every day. While the Rockies refuse to concede anything, much will be determined over the next four days, as the Padres host the Giants for four games starting tonight at 10:05 ET. As they say in San Diego’s cove, I’m totally stoked for this weekend’s series.

As a Cubs fan, there's no real reason to care about the rest of the season if not for the chance to follow other races and take some sort of interest.

"Who's the Broad?"
Let's take advantage of this opportunity to provide a quick Jimmy the Greek style preview:

Matt Cain vs Jon Garland
Cain 'n' Co. will look to set the tone and cut the division lead in half, to 1 game.

Jonathan Sanchez vs Clayton Richard
This is a toss up.  Heck, all of these games are basically toss ups.  If tonight's prediction is correct, look for the Giants to tie Padres for the division lead on Friday night.

Madison Bumgarner vs Tim Stauffer
We like Tim Stauffer but expect him to continue to feel the growing pains of transitioning from the bullpen.  Best case scenario, he gets through 6 or 7 innings.  Bumgarner can be erratic, but we think he'll outlast the Padres as the Giants would claim the division lead for the first time since May 6th.

Tim Lincecum vs. Mat Latos
These predictions are worth less than worthless.  They are worth less than the paper they're not being printed on.

Forget the NFL, tune in Sunday to
Latos vs Lincecum
That being said, wouldn't it be cool if we were right and the Padres reclaim a share of the division lead as Mat Latos outduels Lincecum?

Too bad no-one will be watching the series finale, since the start time directly conflicts with the 49ers game in Seattle, while Padres fans not at Petco Park will likely be at the beach.

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