Thursday, September 2, 2010

Aroldis Chapman's Fantastic Pitch f/x

The last time I tried to copy and paste a graph from Texas Leaguers Pitch f/x database, the information didn't translate.  Let's see if this works.

Here is supposed to be the side angle of Aroldis Chapman pitches from his Major League debut two nights ago.  Notice the excellent tumbling, downward action of his offerings.

On the next graph, we'll see the bird's eye view showing how his pitches move away from lefties and right at right-handed batters' kitchens.

I'm very impressed by that movement.  Marvelous.  It looks like he plants his tall frame on the far left of the pitcher's rubber and paints the black with his four-seamer, while burying the cutter and slider into the right-handed batter's box.

This is a world-class ability to combine excellent vertical drops and outstanding lateral pitch control with average velocity on fourseam fastballs of 102 mph cut fastballs and sliders at 89 mph.

The time for Aroldis is now.  Osh is the only person I've ever met who really dislikes the Reds, and he's totally psyched about Chapman.  He's and Astros fan who happened to have Aroldis Chapman on his fantasy team's bench all season.  Everyone who likes the game should appreciate watching exciting performances from rare talents.  As we've seen from the careers of so many flamed out flamethrowers, let's try to enjoy this while we can.

These two are definitely
not speaking English


  1. Wha??? I love the Reds. Roy O was like 23-1 against them and what's not to like about Cincy? You get Ohio and Kentucky all in one deluxe package. They put chili and ungodly amounts of cheese and onions on noodles and pretend it's a delicacy.

    I sit next to a guy at work who is a huge Cards fan and he's shrugging his shoulders and claiming the team has quit. And acting like a big crybaby!

    I am massively rooting for the Reds in the NL right now. Also, I'm going to see the Astros/Cubs game on Monday at 1:20 PM. Will you still be around??

  2. That is the best pic/tagline you posted all year.