Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Party Like it's 1995

Because I have an unhealthy fascination with the game of baseball and its history, I dvr’d and watch a program on MLB Network called “Baseball Seasons”. The show dedicates an hour to examining one season from the past.

The reason I chose to watch this episode was because it was about 1995, which is the season after the strike. I thought there would be some interesting developments on how the game bounced back after the strike, with more homeruns, realignment, the wildcard, Braves pitching, the resurgence of the Yankees, the story of the Expos, PED’s, Cal Ripken, and everything in between. Before we get into that, I wanted to share a brief moment in the show that provided some sophomoric, politically incorrect humor.

Tommy Lasorda: “I want you to learn how to say this. Say… I…”
Hideo Nomo: “I”
TL: “Bleed”
HN: “Bleed”
TL: “Dodger”
HN: “Dodger”
TL: “Blue”
HN: “Brue”

It’s probably funnier when you can hear it, and I’m sorry it is offensive, but sometimes life is too short not to laugh at funny accents. If it’s good enough to add comic relief in the best screenplay of all time, then it’s good enough for us.

From Robert Towne’s Chinatown:

"Mulwray's Gardener: [in heavy Japanese accent, referring to the grass] Bad for glass.
Jake Gittes: Yeah, sure. Bad for the glass."

That's a good one, Mr. Towne.

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