Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mets Saluted by TruWarier

This goes out to a very special friendly reader.

There are many reasons my Facebook url username is RonArtest91. (http://www.facebook.com/RonArtest91)

He's been one of my favorite players since I saw him play intense, shutdown perimeter defense for Fran Fraschilla's St. John's Red Storm.

I distinctly remember listening to the 1999 NBA Draft* in the car, and the sports talk radio guys were very happy when the Bulls drafted him 15 selections after making Elton Brand the #1 overall pick.

*Blast from the past: The Bulls took Michael Ruffin at the start of the 2nd Round, and the Spurs took an Argentinian player named Manu Ginobli at the end of the draft.

For over ten years, Artest has worn a variety of different uniforms, but he's always brought the defensive pressure.

I have two favorite moments in Artest's Bulls career, and they're both off the court. First, he gained notoriety from most and unconditional love from me for applying for a part-time job at a Chicago based Circuit City because he wanted the "camaraderie and employee discount".

Second, he got some heat in the press for wearing sweat pants on the bench, instead of a customary tailored suit, while he was injured. I can't find a link, but he said something to the effect of: [sic] "I have a bunch of brothers and sisters. I gotta take care of them; I'm not in the league to buy suits".

Well, he's in the news again. Big Ups to Michael Katz and Big League Stew's 'Duk for finding this on Youtube.

As Ron Ron raps... Big ups to Keith Hernandez, Kevin Elster, Affordable Bleacher Seats...

Seriously, a transcript of the "lyrics" to this masterpiece is something to behold.

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