Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hall of Fame's Best Outsiders

Below is our image of the best team composed of players who have been eligible for at least one Hall of Fame vote. In other words, guys who retired after 2005, like Kevin Brown and Rafael Palmeiro, are not yet eligible for this team.

"Hi, I'm Bobby Grich"
We'll most likely elaborate on the construction of this pseudo roster one day. In the meantime, here are the bare bones to hopefully spark some thought and keep our minds limber.

1st occasional non-Hall of Famers
C: Joe Torre
1b: Dick Allen
2b: Bobby Grich
SS: Bill Dahlen
3b: Ron Santo
LF: Tim Raines
The Blyleven of Hitters
CF: Reggie Smith
RF: Dwight Evans

SP: Bert Blyleven
SP: Tony Mullane
SP: Jim McCormick
SP: Bob Caruthers
SP: Luis Tiant

RP: David Cone
RP: Tommy Bond
RP: Dwight Gooden
RP: Brett Saberhagen
Quis is our underused Closer
RP: Dan Quisenberry

R-PH: Edgar Martinez
L-PH: Will Clark
Bench: Roberto Alomar
Bench: Lou Whitaker
Bench: Barry Larkin
Bench: Keith Hernandez
Bench: Fleet Walker

Manager: Buck O'Neil

*We call it the 'first occasional...' because it should change occasionally and slightly. There are very few first-ballot entries, so we expect better players in the future to become eligible and get slighted by the voters. Also, some of these guys like Alomar, Larkin, and (hopefully) Blyleven and Raines should get in.

Please keep in mind that Pete Rose, Shoeless Joe and the Black Sox are not eligible. Also, Mark McGwire is not welcome in our clubhouse because we don't like him, and we actually enjoy talking about the past.

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