Friday, July 30, 2010

Yankee Puma & Austin's Power

The Yankee clubhouse just got a whole lot classier. If Lance Berkman does not fit in with the Yankees, it will be because there is something wrong with the Yankees. I think guys like Cap'n Jetes, Swish, AJ & CC, Granderson, Nick Johnson, and of course homeboy Andy Pettitte will help Lance feel nice and comfortable. He's a great hitter who's had some struggles due to injuries and mileage. We think he can brace himself and have a great run here in pinstripes.

Egads, I just looked at the bounty the Astros received for Berkman: Marc Melancon and Jimmy Paredes. Looking at their profiles does not instill great confidence in Houston's future. But hey, at least Brett Wallace can play everyday now that Berkman's off the team.

Woah, this just in: the Yankees also traded cash or a player to be named later to Cleveland for Austin Kearns. Kearns was a prized prospect for the Reds who battled injuries and hit well against the Cubs. He can still crush a fastball, and particularly lefties. He'll be an improvement over the Marcus Thameses of the world.

And wait, what's this? The Yankees aren't done? Buster Olney tweets that they are working on a third trade today, presumably for someone who can also play 3rd base. Ramiro Peña? You're not getting it done. I guess, I should start getting excited for another championship parade down the Canyon of Heroes in about three months.

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