Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Trades in the Balance

Is this a fair rotisserie baseball trade?

The league scoring is standard 5x5, except we use onbase percentage rather than batting average.

The Randy Randos trade:

Clay Buchholz
Brandon Phillips
Hunter Pence
Desmond Jennings

Blow Me Where the Pampers Is trade:

Matt Holliday
Alex Rodriguez
Jimmy Rollins

Here is a transcript of a few back and forth emails or league message board posts. Names may be changed to protect the guilty. (Please keep in mind, the following is extremely childish. Thanks.)

From Us:

I would like to officially challenge the Randy Randos and
Blow Me Where the Pampers Is trade.

It is clearly a lopsided white flag trade by Pampers. If he
weren't being lazy, he'd be able to trade each of those guys
individually for a better bounty than Desmond Jennings and
no-one else worth keeping.

Josh (Pampers), I'm sorry, but your response of "have a nice
season" showed that you're throwing in the towel way before
the trade deadline.

Why wouldn't you at least try to shop these guys around a
little? Buchholz is hurt. Phillips and Hunter Pence are
average, to slightly above average, at best.

It tilts power in the league unfairly, unjustly, and un-you
know it's not right-ly.

This sets a bad precedent to try and trade for any teams top
3 picks by offering one good keeper and a few other okay

From Randy Randos Management:

This deal was negotiated at arms length. I received two players that have serious injury risk attached to them, in Arod and Rollins. In addition, Rollins, while drafted in the first 3 rounds, is nothing more than an 8th round pick. If the Yankees get any distance in the standings, which is possible, he will begin to rest on a regular basis. As for Holiday, while over the last two and half weeks, he's played expceptionally well, overall he has been very mediocre...I have him in another league so I can personally attest to that.

On the other hand, Phillips, while you discount due to your normal and obvkous [sic] prejudice, is a top keeper. Rant all you want, he is on pace for well over 100 runs 25 hrs, 20+ sb's and a .370 obs. This also not the first season he has put up these numbers. Year in year out, he ends up with excellent numbers and well worth being a keeper. Buccholz is on the same path as Lester was. So again, discounting your normal prejudice, Bucholz is a top pitcher in the league. His injury is irrelevant. First, he's now healthy. And Second, Richman can and should keep him. He is going to be a super star and is already worth keeper status...just like Lester, and Jiminez. Pence is incredibly consistent and again a great keeper. You don't like him, that's what your protest boils down to. He is a very good player that puts up excellent numbers. There's a reason I'm in first place...my players are good. Richman got 2 top tier keepers, 1 very good keeper and Jennings could be a sleeper keeper or a great player to trade to another team.

You want to cry, go ahead, but this deal wasn't him folding over...he got very very good players in return.

And, then again, from us:

That'll be the day.

Looking at their 3 year averages, shows Arod as the 3rd best player in the league, Holliday as 4th, and J-Ro as 14th.

Arod "resting" is when he's the DH.

Your Phillips numbers are skewed, as can be expected. He's more likely on pace for less than 20 Homers, less than 20 SB's, and he's only OBP'ing at .350, not .370. In fact, Phillips' 3-year avg OBP is .326. Regression strongly suggests that he'll have a poorer 2nd Half as he trends towards that average.

Hunter Pence is just okay. He's like David De Jesus, in that he has some pop and some speed, but not a lot of either. His lineup table setting and protection blows, on the Astros. Oh yeah, and his OBP is .316.

Holliday, Arod, and Rollins' OBPs are .373, .345, and .353, respectively. They also bring power and good lineup protection to your team. Spare me the "injury risk" talk. These guys are not any more brittle than the average player.

Buchholz is not close to being Jon Lester. Plus, he's on the DL.

Stop arguing as if this is the best Richman could do. He could have actually gotten 3 really good potential keepers, and I protest the unfair shift in league balance this off the level trade has caused.

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This story will continue, as the league commissioner has yet to respond. We also expect Randy Randos Management to respond at least one more time.

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  1. The only way this trade is fair, is if the team giving up the better players gets to receive cash compensation when the other team gets paid for winning cash in the league.