Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Fistfull of Trades

Roy Oswalt to the Phillies for J.A. Happ, Anthony Gose*, and Jonathan Villar

Our reaction is that Oswalt is more than capable of being an elite pitcher in the postseason. If they make it, the Phillies will be very strong in the postseason with Halladay, Oswalt, and Hamels going 1-2-3. We're leaning towards thinking that's better than what St. Louis and San Francisco have to offer from their top 3 starters. We don't think the Phillies gave up too much, since they didn't have to include Domonic Brown. The Astros get extreme salary relief and some decent pieces that could help.

*Side deal: Anthony Gose to the Blue Jays for Brett Wallace

I've never been that high on Brett Wallace, but I tend to think it's a very good swap for Houston when Keith Law writes "He's twice as valuable a prospect as Gose."

Jorge Cantu to the Rangers for Double-A right-handed pitchers Omar Poveda and Evan Reed

Cantu's value gets a serious boost, when he's in the lineup. The question is whether he'll play everyday, or platoon with Chris Davis. Cantu's departure opens up complete more playing time for Logan Morrison in South Florida.

*Interestingly enough, for me and my fantasy stakeholders, Cantu, Davis, and Morrison (and the Marlins Gaby Sanchez) are all on our fantasy team. Will all four of these guys maintain their value?

Cantu and Davis are both on the bubble because it looks like they'll be competing for at bats, unless Michael Young needs a break or one of them can move to the outfield.

Miguel Tejada to the Padres for Double-A right-handed pitcher Wynn Pelzer

Tejada had a chance to add fantasy relevance with a trade to a contender. It also would have helped if his team had a good lineup around him and played half their games in a hitters' park. Unfortunately for Miggy and his fantasy owners, going to San Diego adds close to zero value.

Former Dodger prospect Josh Bell should get a chance at everyday at bats with the Orioles. What he does with them is anybody's guess. We're not as excited as some of the folks at Boog's BBQ.

Scott Podsednik to the Dodgers for Luke May and Elisaul Pimentel

Fantastic move for the process of Dayton Moore. Podsenik is fondly thought of around Fox Sports Net as Lisa Dergan's husband. He's also been a favorite of Batting Average and empty stolen base aficionados.

Based on his true talent and peripheral stats, salary relief and organizational depth should be sufficient return for Scotty Pods. Dayton Moore still has a lot of making up to do for his long and distinguished list of gaffes, but this time the Royals actually got two players with potential.

From MLBTR's Ben Nicholson-Smith:
May, 25, is hitting .285/.344/.472 with 11 homers in the upper minors, mostly at Triple A. The Dodgers drafted him as a shortstop in the eighth round of the 2003 draft and current Royals scout Mitch Webster signed him. Moore says May is a "slam dunk MLB catcher" in some capacity, though he is still developing behind the plate.

Before the 2007 season, May became a full-time catcher. Baseball America said he was still an "inconsistent" receiver before this season, when they ranked May 17th among Dodgers prospects. BA noted his ability to square up fastballs and his struggles with off-speed and breaking pitches.

Pimentel, who was honored as the Topps Midwest League Player of the Month for June, has a 3.49 ERA in 16 starts this year. The 22-year-old Dominican native has, to borrow Moore's words, "eye-popping" minor league numbers: 9.7 K/9 and 3.5 BB/9 with that tidy 3.49 ERA.
Bravo to the Royals. Let's get on that 2012 bandwagon while there are plenty of good seats available.

Jhonny Peralta to the Tigers for minor league pitcher Giovanni Soto

Peralta should help the Tigers. He's struggled for much of the past year and a half, but signs show that all hope is not lost for this versatile player with some pop.

It's been another great race in the AL Central this season. The White Sox, Twins, and Tigers will be battling until the last week of the season. Until then, the debate should be: Who's more valuable? Giovanni Soto, Astros' farmhand Jiovanni Mier, or the Cubs' Geovany Soto?

Right now, we'd rank them as:

1.) Jiovanni Mier
2.) Geovany Soto
3.) Giovanni Soto

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