Sunday, June 27, 2010

Top 100 Sports Books

Over the weekend, Joe Posnanski was inspired by this, and wrote this, where he mentions that he will be putting together his list for top 100 sports books.

Asking for reader nominations, here are the rules...
1. All sports apply. What is and what is not a sport is up to you as the nominator and, eventually, me and my panel as the judge. It’s fair to say that the house frowns upon certain sports, but we’re going to try and keep an open mind.

2. Like the above book list, authors can get multiple books on the list. So if you would like to nominate both The Machine AND The Soul of Baseball, well, I’m flattered. Stop. I’m blushing.

3. If you are nominating multiple books, and you think of it, put them in the order of your preference. For instance if you want to nominate all of my buddy Vac’s books, you can put them in order like so:

1. The First Fall Classic (baseball)
2. 1941 (general sports)
3. Emperors and Idiots (baseball).

And so on. OK, let’s do this thing.
We just submitted our ballot, which looks like this...
1. The Soul of Baseball (baseball)
2. The Last Night of the Yankee Dynasty (baseball)
3. Moneyball (baseball)
4. Sixty-One* (baseball)
5. The Boys of Summer (baseball)
6. Love Me, Hate Me (baseball)
7. The Machine (baseball)
8. Where’s Harry? (baseball)
9. Game of Shadows (general sports)
10. Three Nights in August (baseball)
We encourage all readers of this space to include their list of nominated sports books - they don't all have to be baseball books. Readers will also want to check back for our next post, coming up very soon, with a Russell Branyan mention. Until we meet again.

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