Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Midweek Players of the Week

Before we get to the usual seamhead talk, can we take a minute to discuss the World Cup? I love this event. The first World Cup I remember was the summer after the Bears won the Super Bowl: 1996. When I was a kid, the best teams were Germany, Italy, Spain, Brasil, and definitely not Team USA. USA hasn't really been very good since 1930 - that as the last time they won their group, before this year.

What I've noticed this year, and mentioned this Monday on Twitter is that South American teams are dominating the group stage of the World Cup. As of this writing, South American teams - Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay have 10 wins, 0 losses, and 2 draws. I think this statement is a superlative endorsement that South Americans know how to play better than most. Other than Brasil and Argentina, the other teams don't get the respect they deserve. It feels like one of those years when the Big Ten wins all their first round games in the NCAA tournament multiplied by a hundred, even if that has never specifically happened during March Madness. We may be entering uncharted waters, and I hope Spain puts the dominance to rest when they take on Chile. And yet, we must digress back to baseball...

Major League Baseball and other media outlets that choose to award "Player of the Week" honors usually do so on a Sunday or Monday. In order to further differentiate BAseball Reality Tour from the rest, we're dawning a new day with the Midweek Players of the Week. These are the best players over the past 7 days, from Wednesday to Tuesday.

NL Hitter: Matt Holliday, Cardinals
Holliday hasn't taken a base on balls all week, but when you have a player as hot and powerful as Holliday, you want him swinging. His unbelievable numbers include a .524 Batting Average and a 1.333 Slugging Percentage. (That's a 1.857 OPS!)

NL Pitcher: Jamie Moyer, Phillies
Congratulations to one of our favorite players, Jamie Moyer. In a monumental week, Moyer threw 16 Innings, going 2-0, with a 1.68 ERA, 10 strikeouts, 2 walks, and only 5 hits allowed. The most memorable part of this week, however is that Jamie tied Hall of Famer Robin Roberts for the All-Time record of Homeruns allowed: 505. Extra bonus points go Jamie Moyer's way for being on the Cubs in 1986.

AL Hitter: Josh Hamilton, Rangers
Our second favorite patron of Maloney's*, Hamilton has also not earned a walk this week, but he's hitting .571, while slugging .929. Throw in a stolen base, and Ranger fans are pretty happy with their reborn slugger.

*Our favorite is our buddy Crockett.

AL Pitcher: Jason Vargas, Mariners
How surprising that this honor would go to a little-known player from one of the worst teams in the league. Vargas went 2-0 with a 0.61 ERA, 11 strikeouts, and a 0.68 WHIP.

What has this post proven? Nothing. I'm thinking it should be written on Thursdays, to take 3 days after Sunday, instead of just two. Come to think of it, most teams have Monday off, so this exercise hasn't been so effective.

What's worse as a writer? Is it bad to think the exercise you spent time on is futile? This is rarely a philosophical blog, but at this time, I'll choose futility over apathy.

Hey, at least we're putting forth more effort into our writing than Derrick May put into his 10 years as a Major Leaguer. I'm comfortable with my effort as long as it never dips below the perceived effort that Derrick May put into his 10 year career.

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