Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Irasshaimase, Jose Tabata

This week may be remembered as the time the Blackhawks won their 4th Stanley Cup AND one of the great weeks of Major League debuts in history. We already celebrated everyone's All-American, Stephen Strasburg, demolish the Quadruple-A Pirates. Also last night, in Philadelphia, the Florida Marlins unveiled a powerful 20-year old corner outfielder named Mike Stanton. The young slugger sparkled, as he went 3 for 5 with a couple of runs.

Tonight, we heard some chatter about the Pirates starting pitcher amking his debut: Brad Lincoln. Frankly, we considered picking him up off waivers and decided his upside is not high enough to spend innings on. More specifically, I think there is a chance he can pitch well but give up too many homeruns, while getting little run support every time out.

The rumblings about this blog's favorite cougar chaser, Jose Tabata, getting his first moment in the spot lightflew a little bit under the radar. His debut also went well: 2 for 5, with a walk, stolen base, and run scored. We are very excited about his chance to hit the ball hard and contribute right away at the Major League level, as well as on rotisserie teams. If you're so inclined, check out his minor league numbers. The power is not quite there, yet, but his K/BB numbers are those of a patient hitter beyond his years.

*Update: Tabada hurt his hamstring on Wednesday night, so we're not sure how long his coming out party will last.

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